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Dying Light 2 Stay Human New Gameplay Trailer with Parkour and Other Fights

This episode is animated by Tymon Smektała – Lead Game Designer, and taking advantage of their development acolytes to unveil many details on the parkour and the fight, in addition to a gameplay trailer.

PARKOUR, is it hardly?

The 3rd episode thus put forward the way of crossing the city which, thanks to the complex mechanics of Parkour and the realistic animations in motion capture, is satisfactory and offers a great feeling of dynamism.

This is obviously not everything, since the combat phases are also shown, because in Dying Light 2 Stay Human it seems that it is essential. The creative combat system makes it possible to integrate parkour movements to the fights, making more fun, complex and immersive.

Finally, be aware that the pre-orders of Dying Light 2 Stay Human are currently available, with two physical, standard and Deluxe editions, as well as three digital, standard, Deluxe and Ultimate editions. All the pre-orders include an exclusive digital reload pack, with one outfit, weapon and unique paragliding skin.

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