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Super Capacity Action Action Just before the release ADV PSYCHONAUTS 2 A trailer introduces the previous story

Xbox Game Studios has published the trailer Previously on PsychonAuts … to introduce the previous work story of the Double Fine Productions Development Adventure PSychonauts 2 and the Deployment Deployment of this work.

This work is an action adventure that draws the success of the Laz Putin Aquat, a young super capable Laz. We will divide the unique stage by dividing the person’s mind as a member of the International Spy Organization Cynotought and made use of various super capabilities.

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In the published trailer, Las who fleed from the circus operated by his parents will participate in the Cynotot training camp and grow through various encounters. Furthermore, even if it is committed to solving the incidents that had happened there, even if it is recognized as a member of Cypenoto, the flow that the next incident occurs immediately is introduced.

PSYCHONAUTS 2 is 10,010 yen for PS4, Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / for Windows (Xbox Game Pass compatible), 7,590 yen for Windows (Steam, (GOG.COM version It will be released on August 25 at the time of the article writing.