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Game back to Gamescom 2021 All information about stream with Gronkh Trymacs and Papaplatte

Also in 2021 the GamesCom takes place purely digitally. Nevertheless, the Streamer Gronkh, Papanlatte and Trymacs would like to organize the streaming event Game Sause in one of the huge halls. But what awaits you at the event, where can you pursue you and when does the sause start?

This is the event: Again, the GamesCom fair must take place on your monitors. Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the Scots remain closed. The LiveStreaming event of the 3 Streamer Gronkh, Papaplatte and Trymacs should therefore result in washfast gamescom feeling.

When, where and what? You have to know that about the game source

What awaits you? On about 4,000 m², the Twitch stars are planning a 3-day event of superlatives and invite themselves to many guests from TV and web for video game sessions and sports tournaments.

This is available at the game source :

  • Among the guests are well-known streamers, Youtuber and TV stars and musicians
  • Gaming streams with changing guests
  • A football tournament
  • A poker tournament for a good cause
  • Musical performances
  • Cook show in the extra built studio

Who takes part? Nor are not all guests of the game source 2021 known. For sure we know from known as Tokyo Hotel, Majan, Clueso, Kaya Yanar or streamers such as Phunk Royal, Cryspyrob and Rewintide, which enrich the gamescom event.

When and where can it start? The game room runs from the 26th to the 29th of August, so a total of 3 days is broadcast. You can track the live event on the Twitch channels of Gronkh, Papaplatte and Trymacs. You can also find the game source via the content portal Gamecsom-Now (via Now.Gamescom).

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Funny trailer for playing room shows kids gronkh in the sandbox

This shows the trailer: In a funny teaser trailer, those responsible show behind the game source, as it is supposed to come to the idea: Gronkh (44), Trymacs (26) and Papan (23) have already come in Sandpit joined that you organize a playback, like the 7th class. If you are big, you want to organize the greatest game source of all time.

In addition, the trailer is full of allusions to the gaming cosmos. The jokes in the trailer are commented wonderfully from Dennis Schmidt-Foß in the Voice Over. Foam is known mainly as a synchronizer speaker of Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, 6 Underdround and Free Guy).

The Gamescom 2021 offers much more than just the game source. Among other things, many new game announcements await you: Gamescom 2021 – that’s what IH see the Opening Night live with all new announcements