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Inspired by AMD NVIDIA New Intel graphics cards put on competition

AMD and Nvidia soon have a new competitor in the graphics card market. Intel rises to the business at the beginning of 2022 and goes directly into the full – because the upcoming graphics cards seem to be washed with all the waters. RayTracing, Overclocking, DLSS alternative and support for DirectX 12 Ultimate are planned.

Update from August 25 2021:

Intel’s entry into the graphics card market in the coming year seems to be half-hearted. Further details on the new ARC models have been published now – and they have it in themselves. Intel seems to be sure to make sure that the competitive products are in nothing.

For example, Intel’s new ARC graphics cards will support the graphics technology RayTracing and also on a in-house DLSS alternative name XESS you are currently working. First results on the Ki-Upscaling technology were recently presented in the form of a video:

In addition, the new graphics interface DirectX 12 Ultimate is supported and hardware enthusiasts should be pleased that the graphics cards can be overclocked directly via the Intel video driver to tickle even more power from the chips.

Intel’s re-entry into the graphics card business seems to be quite interesting. The new ARC models should start at the beginning of 2022.

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Intel Arc: Graphics Card Competition for NVIDIA & AMD

NVIDIA or AMD – these are the only two companies currently in question for PC players when it comes to graphics cards. But next year, a well-known rival should also rise to the graphics card ring: Intel. The chip manufacturer has been working on its own GPU models named Arc. In the first quarter of 2022, the first dedicated gaming graphics cards should finally go to the start (Source: Intel).

At the same time for announcement Intel also published a video that shows first game scenes running on the new Intel-Arc graphics cards. The games Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, Forza Horizon 4, Psychonauts 2, Pubg, Subnautica Below Zero, Metro Exodus, Rift Breaker, Days Gone, Chivalry 2 and the Crysis-Remastered Trilogy:

Performance of the new graphics cards is still a secret

However, what Intel does not respond in the video or integrates transparent are the performance data of the individual games. In addition, the video was merely rendered with 30 fps, so that there is no time derivations for the performance of the new Intel-Arc graphics cards can be made.

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PC players should nevertheless be pleased that Intel will also enter the graphics card business at the beginning of next year. Competition revives the business and should have a positive impact on pricing . However, it remains to be seen whether Intel has also struggled with the hardware crisis in the spring of 2022, whereby the GPU offer could be quite thin.


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Currently, Intel is working on two different graphics card models: the DG2-128EU and the DG2-512EU. In the latter variant, it should be the much more powerful version that competes in terms of performance approximately with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 . However, how fast the graphics cards are really in the end will show only when the ARC models go to the start in the first quarter 2022.