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LOL What champion does the best ultimate have This is the Tier List of a Riot developer

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The skill kit of the champions of League of Legends is difficult to analyze when we turn away from its set. Each of the characters present in the title of Riot Games has a design that specializes it in a concrete task and the power of it is distributed through all the spells that you can use. However, some of them are based on the accumulation of potential in a single definitive ability capable of changing the game.

The best and worst definitive of League of Legends

One of the main developers of Riot Games wanted to perform a Tier List in which he has hierarchied all the characters of the game according to the power of his ultimate. The person responsible was August , who already carried out the same task with passive skills and has become one of the company’s workers closest to the public after carrying out a good number of direct ones in which it has Analyzed different aspects of the game.

The creation of this particular list of levels also had some involvement of the community. More than two hours of talk between the Riot worker and the players of League of Legends in which it was determined that Most of the characters have very good definitive skills and concluded with the following result:

The first decision that draws attention to this particular Tier List is the fact that karthus has a unique area on the table that demonstrates the difference of power with respect to all other game skills. The truth is that this champion has a somewhat less satisfactory skill kit and which is complicated to take advantage of, being its R (required) the key to be able to win a game.

At the next level, the highest among the rest of the League of Legends champions, we have many global definitives (Twisted Fate, Gallio, Gangplank, Soraka …) and other skills that have the potential to change a game . It stands out by unexpected the presence of sivir , nautilus or camille ; All of them extraordinarily valued both by August and the community.

Intermediate levels for correct definitives focused on inflicting damage or ability to block a champion, but pale when compared to those of higher tings. For example, amumu appears in this third category despite having an exceptional ultimate because sometimes it seems a definitive malphite something worse.

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Ultimately, it should be noted that only three champions have been placed on the last step of the list with its most important skill being considered as weak. These are akshan , maokai and zoe . In addition, there is a hole for the most inconsistent skills with a lot of potential but difficult to use correctly and a specific level for Sylas, the champions that improve the rest of their spells with the Ultimate and those who directly do not have a definitive to use.