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New AMD processors should break with old tradition to the joy of users

A new rumor suggests that AMD also installed an integrated graphics unit with its upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors. So far, these are only used with the APU models with the name supplement G – but that could change soon.

Ryzen 7000: Set the new AMD chips to an integrated graphics unit?

Although not even the Ryzen-6000 chips have appeared, there are already the first rumors to the successor models. So Amd is supposed to set a new pedestal, which solves an annoying problem.

But even under the chip haube a lot should do. According to current information, AMD seems to break with an old tradition and equip its desktop chips with an integrated graphics unit . That would be a novelty for the desktop-Ryzen series, because so far only the separate APU models with the name supplement G could use this feature (source: chips and cheese). This information comes from gleaced documents of the hardware manufacturer Ryzenbyte.

For users of the processors this would be a nice complement. In this way, you are not dependent on a dedicated graphics card to use your PC – that would be worthwhile for the use of Office computers.

But even for PC players would be an advantage: because the GPU should give up the spirit, the computer can continue to be used – even if the performance in games is significantly lower. In addition, the G models usually appear significantly later than the normal desktop chip of the Ryzen series. Also this problem would be Passé.

The integrated graphics unit of the Ryzen 7000 processors should set to the current RDNA 2 technology . This technology is currently used at AMD’s new graphics cards and in the chips for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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Same strategy like Intel? Chips without IGP continue to conceivable

However, AMD does not seem to say goodbye to the idea of ​​offering chips without an integrated graphics unit. Thus, there are also evidence of models that do not offer IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) in the filed documents. So it can be that AMD sets its products similar to Intel in the future . The Core I processors of the competition have been based on an integrated graphics unit for many years. Nevertheless, there are the so-called F models that are just about that and offer something cheaper.


Fighting from Intel: New graphics cards should make AMD & Nvidia competition

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It remains questionable How this change affects AMDS APU product line . The unique selling point of the G series would be over. AMD would have to come up with something else to continue to make the turn attractive for customers. But whether these plans will be put into action at all, remains to be seen. The information is at least not confirmed leaks. Ryzen keeps you up to date.