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The player is considering buying RTX 3080 for 1100 euros but how much is a GPU really worth

A graphics card (additionally called a video card, present card, graphics adapter, or display adapter) is a development card which creates a feed of result photos to a display screen gadget (such as a computer monitor). Frequently, these are marketed as discrete or specialized graphics cards, highlighting the distinction between these and also incorporated graphics. At the core of both is the graphics processing unit (GPU), which is the almost all that does the real computations, but ought to not be puzzled with the graphics card as an entire, although GPU is commonly utilized as a metonymic shorthand to refer to graphics cards.
A lot of graphics cards are not restricted to basic display screen output. Their incorporated graphics cpu can do added handling, removing this job from the main processor of the computer. For instance, Nvidia and also AMD (previously ATI) generated cards that provide the graphics pipes OpenGL and also DirectX on the hardware degree. In the later 2010s, there has actually also been a propensity to make use of the computing abilities of the graphics cpu to solve non-graphic tasks, which can be done through using OpenCL and CUDA. Graphics cards are used thoroughly for AI training and cryptocurrency mining.Usually, the graphics card is made in the form of a published circuit board (development board) and placed right into a growth port, global or specific (AGP, PCI Express). Some have actually been made making use of dedicated units, which are attached to the computer system by means of a docking terminal or a cable television. These are known as eGPUs.

A user would like to buy an RTX 3080 for a lot of money, but other players are divided about if that is not too expensive. How much should be willing to spend on a graphical card in 2021?

Anyone who currently wants to bet with SENSATEZ or at least want to buy a new graphical card is not much luck, because graphic cards are not available or are very expensive. And if he believes NVIDIA, the prices will remain as high until 2022 and we will still have to pay tall prices next year.

This is what happened now: A Reddit user was thinking of buying a GeForce RTX 3080 for 1,300 US dollars (around 1,100 euros).

This means that the prices are lower than a few months ago, when you could easily pay 1500 euros for an RTX 3080, but still well above the official UVP of Nvidia, which is 729 euros.

In the publication of it, the thread initiator asked if $ 1,300 is fine for a graphic card: he has not bought a graphical card in a long time and now he is not sure if the graphics card is worth all the money.

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the community discusses about whether an RTX 3080 really is worth so much money

This is the reaction: The answers are very different and clearly show how controversial the prices of graphic cards are:

This is how a user writes (through

The prices of graphic cards are now higher than ever. If you are rich, then that (price) probably does not matter. Otherwise, it is better to wait.

Others think contrary to wait is as bad as paying the current prices (through

Waiting for him. I almost have a 3080 when it came out, but I did not buy it thinking that I was getting it for $ 100 above the MSRP. The 3080 were at 800 and 3090 were 1400.

A year later you can not find anything and I saw a 3080TI on Amazon by 1600, so I took it. This shit will not improve soon.

How is the general overview in the community? In general, bettors are divided into the prices of graphic cards. Because nobody is really sure if the prices are fine, if you should buy directly or if you have to wait:

  • Some say 1300 euros is too expensive for an RTX 3080, after all, you have to pay more than double the recommended price of sale.
  • The others say that prices will remain so high. If you expect more, the prices could rise even more in a month.
  • A third group explains that graphic cards have become a luxury form. That can only pay someone who has money more than enough anyway.

The truth is that it is not clear how long the prices of graphic cards and other entertainment products will remain so high.

It is questionable how long the graphic card prices will remain so high.

This is the current situation: Graphic cards are so popular AMONG US that the GPUs are sold for thousands of euros on eBay. In doing so, sellers attract the wrath of several users who do not want to accept this situation.

However, it is currently impossible to predict how long the prices of graphic cards and other electronic devices such as game consoles will be so high. The scarcity of an important component for appliances remains great and affects several production areas.

For greedy resellers, the costly graphic cards are still at least a good business, if you have to believe in the numbers. Because with NVIDIA RTX 3000 series, it is said that resellers have obtained more than $ 15 million for US dollars:

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The unpleasant resellers buy RTX 3000 cards: Get $ 15.2 million profits