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User finds crazy reason why his 2000 euro

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A user buys a RTX 3090, which costs about 2,000 euros at the moment. But the new luxury graphics card overheats quickly. The reason is in the truest sense in the graphics card.

That happened: A user had bought a GeForce RTX 3090. This is a graphics card for which you are currently paying at least 2000 euros and more (via But the graphics card had to fight with big heat problems.

The graphics card produced a tremendous heat and achieved almost more than 90 degrees Celsius. This is not normal for a normally well-cooled high-end graphics card. The storage temperatures achieved very fast temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius.

So he solved the problem: The user eventually suspected that something could not be fine with the graphics card. He opened the graphics card. There he found a strange plastic part.

He posted his find to Reddit:

Now I know why my storage temperatures reach very fast 110 ° C. Now they stay after 1.5 [hours] stress test at a maximum of 86c. The core also fell by 10 degrees Celsius (from 75 to +/- 65 degrees Celsius after the stress test)

How to Update ANY Graphics Card on Windows 10

If you have heat problems with your gaming PC, you will find my important tips and tricks on Meinmmo, what you can do about it:

User first believe that a condom is in the graphics card

These are the reactions: Immediately there were some comments that commented the picture Wild. A pair even guessed that it could be a condom that had surfaced there in the graphics card (via

However, a few users immediately recognized that it is not a condom, but a different protective product (via

You look like little condoms, but are individual fingerprints.

You are often used on flow ribbons and manufacturing where the products should not be attached directly.

The mail definitely caused a lot of serenity and surprised faces. But there was also criticism of the find.

That was criticized: Such a few users were surprised how to find the remains of a fingerprinter at such an expensive graphics card. Finally, you have paid more than 2000 euros for the graphics card and in the worst case get long-term damage to its graphics card.

Error in the production of graphics cards remain exceptions

Does that happen more frequently? It is also clear that such a find is an exception. The RedDit Post represents an exceptional case and in the editorial staff of Meinmmo we did not get the path to us so far.

But there are mistakes in production or assembly. For example, Igorslab had posted a picture where the heat pads have been incorrectly mounted (via However, such mistakes remain exceptions.

In this case, everything went well, because the user had come to the really idea and had taken apart the graphics card. Because foreign bodies in a graphics card are likely to ensure bigger problems in the long term than just heat problems.

It is not the first time that there is a Geforce RTX 3090 evil surprises. Thus, during the New World Beta, some users criticized that the game should break their hardware, including in particular several RTX 3090 graphics cards:

New World: Players complain that the new MMO grills their hardware