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FIFA 22 Straight transfers make hope the lousy OTW becomes

The ones-to-watch cards will also return to INFIFA 22. In real football, very big names changed this summer – a circumstance that could make the promo better than in recent years.

What is Ones to Watch? The ones-to-watch cards (OTW) are among the first special cards in the game. For OTW cards, the most exciting transfers of the summer are used. This means, for example: If a big star changes the club, the probability is high that it also gets an OTW card in FIFA.

Special: These dynamic maps can be improved over the course of the season. When the player is in the Team of the Week or gets a power-based special card like players-of-day objects, the OTW card is also improved.

In addition, there are the new Wins-to-watch bonus in FIFA 22. This is a unique boost that the card receives when the real team of the OTW player is celebrating five victories within the first 10 league games from 01 October. So it can come to an improvement reasonably early.

Also to mention is that an OTW card belongs to the pre-order bonus of the Ultimate Edition, if you pre-ordered until 01. October. So there is the chance to get a card early early on when you have pre-ordered.

What was the problem? What in the past many players annoyed was that the OTW cards often did not stop what they promised. Either the players were too weak from the start, so their values ​​could hardly rise high enough. Or the hoped-for upgrades remained because the player was not sufficiently often in the TOTW.

This year, the OTW promo can hope for exciting cards. The reason: The transfers this year were quite violent.

Is there the best OTW cards in FIFA 22?

Which players are confirmed? So far, there is only one confirmed OTW card: David Alaba will get such a special card after changing the change to Real Madrid and is likely to be a usable central defender in FIFA 22.

But it gets really exciting when looking at the potential names for the OTW promo. Because the summer was full of changing top players.

These players changed the club: The number of transferred players in itself is huge. But especially the top names let up – because they could be really interesting for the OTW promo and offer more opportunities for strong players than the last years.

* Lionel Messi changed from Barcelona to Paris, where he will belong to the perhaps strongest team in FIFA 22. The exception player will certainly be one of the best players in FIFA 22.
* Cristiano Ronaldo has been a real monster in FIFA for years and changed in the summer of Juventus to Manchester United.
* Romelu Lukaku went to FC Chelsea and should provide goals there.
* Raphaël Varane, a dreaded central defender on the world level in FIFA, also moved to Manchester United.
* Jadon Sancho, in FIFA, especially thanks to its 5-star skills, also changed united.
* Achraf Hakimi, an extremely fast outer chest, went to PSG.
* Sergio Ramos, also an absolute top defender, also moved to Paris.
* Jack Greaseh changed for more than 117 million to Manchester City and could also get an OTW card.

  • Antoine Griezmann changed as last minute transfer from Barcelona to Atlético Madrid
  • Dayot Upamecano and Marcel Sabitzer moved to FC Bayern and could be in question.

If you look at all these transfers, you can see that at least at the top names a lot of exciting cards for FIFA 22 could be there.

This has also been found in the community in the FIFA subbreddit (via reddit). There is a post titled Otw was discussed by one of the worst one of the best promos. There, Kylian Mbappé is also listed as a possible transfer, which will now no longer come about.

Nevertheless, the basis for the OTW cards is good, the mentioned players should get a card.

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At the same time in the community, however, it is also discussed that it can always happen that due to the lucky factor in packs is also more weak cards instead of the top player.

In addition, it is discussed that the upgrades are still largely dependent on the TOTW nominations – and players do not always land in the team of the week even in good performances.

However, many of the players are switching to top clubs that will probably win some games. This suggests that regular TOTW nominations are pending.

Which players are ultimately equipped with OTW cards, however, remains to be seen first. As soon as it is known, which players are on board, we keep you up to date here! All information about the upcoming FIFA 22 release can be found here.