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Blair Witch VR Review a terrifying trek in the woods

Blair Witch is a survival scary computer game developed by Bloober Group based upon the Blair Witch collection of horror films. It was published by Lionsgate Games for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and also Xbox Game Hand Down August 30, 2019. The game is established two years after the events of the 1999 film The Blair Witch Task, which occurs in 1994. The game complies with former law enforcement officers Ellis Lynch as he joins the search in Black Hills Forest for a missing boy. The game was later ported to PlayStation 4 on December 3, 2019, Nintendo Activate June 25, 2020 and also Oculus Pursuit & Pursuit 2 on October 29, 2020.
The game concentrates on survival scary auto mechanics as well as stealth as well as is played from a very first person point of view, needing the gamer to make use of products such as a camera, mobile phone, flashlight or Ellis’ canine, Bullet, to track as well as adhere to the trail of missing nine-year old Peter Shannon while warding off shadowy creatures. In the process, gamers will find weird wooden dolls, pictures and cassette tapes and also will likewise be tasked with resolving puzzles. Like the film, it integrates the found-footage subgenre with the gameplay as well as story, usually with using cassette tapes.
Blair Witch received mixed reviews with movie critics applauding its environment, graphics, sound design and making use of a pet dog companion, yet criticised its gameplay layout and viewed trouble.

Critique of Blair Witch VR

Ah – 1999.

The Blair Witch Project.

The film that launched a whole new subgenre: Found Footage cinema. The original film was lightning in a bottle that struck and terrified the film audience. It has become a cultural phenomenon and dominated conversations about water coolers that summer, like Jaws had done in 1975.

Since then the creative teams have tried different ways to recreate the buzz and magic of the original film, either in suites or other incarnations such as games. The results fell mainly in the lower part of the ladder of success.

Blair Witch VR it tipped the balance on the positive side? For most, the answer is yes. The question is – to what extent is this due to virtual reality? For me; the answer is – a lot.

Oh, and Bullet too.

Blair Witch Bullet Time

Most of the game takes place – no surprise – again in the woods, the Black Hills forest. We are in the summer of 1996 and a young boy disappeared. You play a cop struggling with PTSD from a previous tragic experience, unknown to us at the beginning of the game. You decide to join the search for the missing boy, to the surprise and concern of your family and your colleagues. Stuff pretty standard in terms of the stories thriller / suspense.

What distinguishes this game from other similar stories is the inclusion of the best friend of a man. Your canine companion in the Forest Research is a police dog, a large German shepherd, named Bullet. Bullet serves two important goals in the game. From the perspective of history, Bullet acts as an emotional anchor / mind for the player. If you are separated from the dog too long, your mental state is deteriorating because of the strange vibrations emanating from the forest mixed with your previous failure.

The second function of Bullet is part of the gameplay. It cleverly uses your browser, using its monitoring capacity to guide you from one objective to another. It’s a brilliant and very organic implementation of the card and the usual markers used by so many games. This mechanism also improves the power and mystery of the game because you know that the next immediate thing will happen. You have a dog whistle to order Bullet seek, or hound back to you.

Bullet In addition, you have several other objects at your disposal: a walkie-talkie, a mobile phone, a flashlight and a VCR. All elements work as expected, and it should be noted that the Bloober team facilitated their use by mapping each command to match the layout of the buttons on the Move controllers. This is something that should be a standard for all PSVR games. The video is particularly interesting because you are using the viewfinder as a second eye to see the world in a different light. There is no support Dual Shock / Sense.

Immersion in the world is further enhanced by the ability to interact with objects even if they serve no function, which adds to the reality of the world. To be fair, this interaction goes both ways. Power pick up a car tire in a trunk with one hand is a byproduct fun.

Much of the game takes place outdoors and night, the graphics do a commendable job. Presenting the wildlife convincingly is not an easy task. Although it is not photorealistic, the overall sharpness of the color palette and excellent lighting, operate the game settings. The fog is also used intelligently. Not only is it used for reducing the graphic load, but also to create a mood. With the game developed for the PS4, it would be great if a patch SP5 improvement was created to use its superior power to reduce fog and / or make it more elegantly.

The main criticism of forest managers is the nature of the cattle chute which gives you the impression of being parked from one place to another.

The excellent sound is the crowning of the game environment. The sound, I stressed repeatedly in critical, so important in horror games. Not only sound is used to warn you of the danger, but it is also used to increase the voltage purposely confuse you or scare you outright. Blair Witch PSVR done all this with an impressive effect.

On the negative side, the game has some elements. The game includes chapter jumps, each of them project you into a loading screen, breaking the immersion of the game. They also occur at unexpected moments, breaking the momentum in history. Although they can signify it as a tribute to the original film, the cut scenes are in 2D, which allows discordant transitions and breaking the immersion since you have no control over them. Finally, the game has some rhythm problems. Some chapters exceed their welcome. Sometimes Blair Witch becomes this ferey thing in games, a walking simulator.

Overall, Blair Witch VR is a strong horror experience with some great fears. The excellent sound and your dog, bullet, raise what would be a fairly standard experience. Dog lovers take note. Bullet is an excellent companion, and the game has some skilful touches where you can reach out and caress it or scratch the ears. A little thing but one that really connects you to the world.