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Manufacturer explains why 2000 euro

During the beta of MMORPGSNEW WORLD, several high-end graphics cards should be broken. Now the manufacturer has explained the reason for it. The cause is due to a technical error in manufacturing.

That’s the situation: We from Meinmmo had reported that some New World players complain that the beta of MMORPG has broken their hardware. Here it was mainly about Geforce RTX-3090 graphics cards.

Many users criticized that the temperatures and the utilization of the hardware are very high in the queue or in the main menu. And although New World has relatively low system requirements.

Now the manufacturer EvGA has reported and explained why the graphics cards were actually broken. EvGA is a hardware manufacturer offering mainly NVIDIA graphics cards and now also motherboards and peripherals (mice and keyboards).

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This is the problem: The manufacturer EVGA now announced that a total of about two dozen defective GeForce RTX-3090 graphics cards had received for which the New World Beta had been responsible.

All cards are cards from an earlier production series made in 2020. An X-ray analysis revealed that the solder joints around the MOSFET circuits, which were poorly processed the affected cards with electricity, and then broken the graphics cards.

What is that for a component? MOSFET are components from semiconductors that are soldered on the graphics card board and have different functions here. The MOSFETs are about component of the graphics card’s power unit and are an important component of the voltage transformer (VRM). Other ingredients would be Elko and coil. A diode measures about the temperature on the graphics card.

MMORPG New World got update to solve problems

New World responded: Amazon Games had quickly pushed an update for his beta for his MMORPG. Because the first New World Beta version had not implemented a Frame Rate Limiter in the menu system. This suddenly had some users in the main menu FPS numbers of 800 fps or more. That had criticized several users and Amazon had improved quickly.

How many graphics cards are really broken and whether other manufacturers are affected is not known. Because resilient numbers and facts are not available, except various reddit posts that had complained about their broken graphics cards. There are also rumors that older Radeon and Geforce cards should be affected.

This is now the manufacturer: EVGA had already explained what happens with the broken graphics cards. This is likely to reassure the users who now have no GPU or still want to buy another video card in the future:

MMORPG New World is said to break 2000- € graphics cards – manufacturers gives clear statement