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Yuel Yoo Games Richirich 2nd anniversary update pre reservation

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Yuel Yu Games (Representative Oyoungpa) said 3-day mobile management simulation game Richirich: It is said that it is a pre-reservation ahead of the second anniversary update of the rich law (Richirich). The 2nd anniversary of Richirichi was selected as the official advertising model. The game characters and attractive voices that reproduce Western re-employment can be seen in this update. Richiri is a mobile management simulation game that was released on September 2019. ## The Yuel Yu Games paid a compensation for 70,000 won, including 200 diamonds, 2 buildings, two, and legend pieces packages through advance reservations that are conducting ahead of updates. In addition, we will proceed with various events, such as coupon events, showmider ranking events, and my rich story events every day, commemoration of the second anniversary.