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Correct story attractive characters glow OPUS Song s sound is the high quality of Japanese text

The latest game is released a lot of daily. Maker and store game introduction only I don’t know what games or no games! Isn’t a GAME * SPARK reader? Therefore, it will be explosion play repo that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver live content about OPUS: Song’s sounds released from Taiwan’s Developer Sigono to PC (STEAM) on September 1, 2021.

# OPUS: Song’s sound

This work is the third of the SF Adventure Game Series, after OPUS: The Day We Found Earth OPUS: Rocket of Whispers.

The player travels through a large universe with a girl and Eera who can find a huge energy Ryugu from the perspective of youth and ribak. The story consisting of all 5 chapters is a work featuring plots that are sad to move.

Although it is a series of things, there is no direct connection to the story between works , so you can enjoy it for the first time from now on.

# OPUS: Song’s Song’s sound comes to the actual content!

When you start playing, the story starts from the perspective of a white haired man. He is exploring a place like a decayed ruins looking for Ryugu and players can manipulate him.

On the way, a conversation with his followers occurs, but his name seems to be Ribak …… Apparently, it seems to be the main character of this work.

If you go to the back, you have a circular door. Ribak launched a rod-shaped device for the door and opened the door. This will be introduced here.

# Thursday all past time … somewhat relieved story

The scene is moved to one or one young man with a merchant like Capybara. The name of the youth is Ribax. It seems to be the younger of the old man. Finding the Ryu Vacation Ribak gets clues from people, but it is a very abstract clue. He has no money to hire a maiden who can search for a Ryu role ……

There is a black hair maiden. She says Eida she bought her clue and goes looking for her dragon vein.

After that, I would like to go ahead of Eida using a tape that illegally recorded the song of the maiden who can find the dragon vein. However, there was an immoral agito that the illegal remodeling boat is spreading …. So Rivak jumps to the help that Eida is directed to the gun, but it can be caught with Eida.

He tried to escape from the place where he was caught, but it can not be opened with a bad voice of illegal recording quality. Therefore, I try to newly record the voice of Eara, which is a maiden …… Eida’s voice was grained. It is a sufficient quality to escape from here, but it does not seem to be universal voice.

Except for the adventure game part, there is a mystery solving using a tape that recorded the singing voice of the maiden or managing light resources when traveling in space, but both difficulty is low because the degree of difficulty is low. It will not be.

All the text screen explanation is the sentence of the past, or when resumed after interruption, the old man begins to talk, and the story of Eida is all past The disconnect is always at the bottom of the player’s feelings.

Although there are many unique nouns, there is a part that is hard to swallow, but it is an illustration touch, and it has become one of the great attractions of this work.

# Character is super attractive! High quality localization stands up

The characters that appear in this work, including the touch of the illustration as mentioned above, are very attractive. The protagonist is a gentle male to care about others even if it is tired, and Eida is a slight atmosphere but a little poisonous woman. Her voices have a dark setting that her role as her maiden is no longer caught up.

The author especially liked Lamia, which is the side of Eida. The quality of Japanese text is very high, and the narrators of the characters are very natural. In particular, you will be familiar without feeling discomfort.

The atmosphere of the story is also very attractive, but it would be a work that is very satisfactory even if you look for the character.

The author has first played the OPUS series, but it was strongly drawn into the attractiveness of the incorrect atmosphere and character of this work.

This article is the explosion play repo of the concept of the concept of Playing as soon as possible and delivering the contents of life as soon as possible, but it is not clear at the time of writing, but I would like to play and enjoy it after this It was a work that stabbed.

Title: OPUS: Sound Song (OPUS: Echo of Starsong)
Compatible models: PC (STEAM)
Play model in article: PC (STeam)
Release Date: September 1, 202 *
Author play time for article writing: 3 hours
Price: 1,840 yen (20% off until September 8)