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Tales of Arise Beginner s Guide

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Tales of Arise is the latest in the long-standing series and aimed to make the game more accessible this time. Apart from that, there are still a lot of mechanics with whom you can quickly familiarize yourself and familiarize yourself with the game before you can really play the game as it should be played. The combat system is not only complex, but there are also several characters that all play completely different and you want to master. You also need to get to know the cooking system, the crafting system and the side quest system. Below we explain everything you need to know if you start this epic journey.

Switching characters

One of the most important parts of Tales of Arise is to find out which the six characters are used. You only start with one, but soon you will find that you have to put together a whole lot of party, and since everyone plays quite different than the other, you will see that there is a lot to juggling. While some players want to play mainly as a specific character, the best way to dominate their enemies in this game, in turning the characters constantly in the middle of the fight.

For example, you could play as alpha, but find that you do not have a fire species against a weak opponent, from there Change to Shionne, which illuminates the opponent with a fire species, and then quickly move back to Alphen for the last series of attack. This tag team format is not only recommended but strongly recommended. This brings us to fight.

Fighting to fight

Although Tales of Arise may appear from the outset like a hack and slash game, the fight quickly shows a bit sophisticated and it becomes very important to pay attention to the different tutorials. The fight is divided into different mechanics.


Block has long been part of the valley series, but that is no longer the case because Tales of Arise has decided to waive this ability and instead focus on a time-controlled dodging for its main defense form. This works so that you must now tune your button print according to the attack of the enemy. The special thing about it is that this is not just for physical attacks, but also for enemy species attacks. By reducing your timing and learning the movements of your enemy, you can make it essentially so that you are inviolable because the evasability does not expire. The timely dodging opens up offensive attacks of their opponents.

Counter and counter edge

If you run a perfectly clearly dodge, you can use something called Counter Edge and will be rewarded with a smooth slow-mo effect that gives you a second time to process your next key input. From here, it leads the simple attack on the battlefield to the attack of the one they are devoted and plunge with a powerful counterattack in him. However, this is only the basic ability. If you go through your skill tree, further countermovets are unlocked, z. Accounts are quite important for lower difficulties and absolutely important in the heavier.


At the beginning of Tales of Arise you have only a few different ways to choose from, regardless of it will begin with at least two artes, and you can create Combos. Combos are when they use a species by one and often build a long chain of beats that can cause impressive damage in a short time. Each species assumes a certain amount of soul display so that you can not use it indefinitely, although normal attacks build this ad in a short time when you go to tilt. Remember that Combos are most effective when you switch your kind of attack to attack. However, if you decide to spam only one ARTE attack, the damage is reduced each time when you use it. Therefore, it is best to experiment with different ways that lead to each other. With several artes, for example, you can spin your enemy in the air. Once you are in the air, you will get access to 3 completely different artes that juggle your opponents or you can beat them for great damage to the earth. Just at the beginning, you should definitely look for Combos starting on the ground, go to the air and then end up on the ground to achieve the best harm. Find out which best con go into each other is part of fun.

Boost attacks

The valley series has always emphasized several playable characters and here with Tales of Arise you can not only switch between characters, but you can also summon you to run devastating attacks when the boost display is full. They could have just stopped and saying that these attacks do massive damage and that’s all, but no, Tales of Arise wants a little bit more of you here. See, with certain characters, the boost attack is a crucial component to defeat some of the hardest bosses of the game. The best example of this is Rinwell’s boost attack that extends the artes that are attacked by enemies. This means that when an enemy triggers a devastating spell on it, as it usually does it, if you have Rinwell’s boost attack, you will not only stop the arte of the enemy, but to absorb them to themselves later in Fight to be used. It is important to learn the subtleties of the individual boost attacks, and fortunately a tutorial is displayed, which shows you exactly what you do if you win a new character. Some are very creative, so I will not spoil you here.

Boost blow

Similar to the boost attack, the Boost attack uses your teammates. Instead of unleashing a powerful attack, they will join them here and unleash a devastating hit directly from an anime show. Normally, these attacks stop the fight immediately, even though some of the stronger opponents can endure several of these attacks without getting sweating, so that the results can vary. In order to activate the boost blow, the enemy must be close to death and you need at least two characters with a full boost attack indicator. Once these conditions are met, you will receive a notification that your D-PAD appears in bright blue over the enemy. If you press any direction at this point, the attack is activated. Various combinations of characters have different attacks and effects associated with them.

mystical arts

I do not know how you feel, but I love myself a good super attack in Jrpgs, and Tales of Arise are doing no costs because Mystic Artes are some of the most visually impressive and devastating attacks in the game. The way you build the Mystic ARTE attacks is to attack and connect Combos. If you do this often enough, turn off the ability to switch to Overdrive mode. From this point on, your artes have no limitation, how often they can be used, and you can turn their enemies completely. If you press two of your species attacks simultaneously during this time, your Mystical ARTE attack is activated, which knows a lot of damage.


Similar to the Gambit System used in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, you can use Tales of Arise to control your characters a little more than usual. In this menu you can change the behavior of your characters for attacks and healing both outside and during the fight. These menus offer you the possibility to make general settings, such as the option All out, or you will enable you to create a further micro-administration by creating a custom strategy and selecting which items of the character depending on the percentage of remaining health or Based on the species, many enemies can be left over. Considering that your health is not automatically recovering after fighting, these strategies can be very important when you come from a difficult area, and you should definitely dive deep here to develop a strategy that supports your game style.


Cooking is frightening in Tales of Arise. In the open areas they often see shimmering blue objects scattered and although these objects can vary, they often contain ingredients. With these ingredients you can prepare different meals on rest areas. These meals have a tremendous influence on their party, as they can have a variety of different positive effects. A court could harm to your group’s increased damage, while another defense could greatly increase your elementary defense. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you try to collect as many ingredients as possible as you never know when a big battle is in front of the door. This system is the opportunity to select who will prepare the court. This can often lead to different effects as well as to some urkay intermediate sequences, as one in which alpha is cooking and the rest of the party is horrified about the result.

Side Missions

Side Quests are in the form of NPCs in Tales of Arise, which usually stand around in most of the many hub areas and ask them for help with different things. The quests vary because they may try to save a soldier, and with another that they assess someone after his choice or collect a certain amount of a rare object. They are nothing special, but some are clever and, more importantly, they give them a lot of money and objects most of the time, and these will be crucial to increase their chances of survival against hard enemies at the beginning of the game.

Healing points

Healing points are probably the most important resource you will be at Tales of Arise during your time. Healing points are the fuel for all your support and healing of Artes in the game. That is, if you want to act a healing magic, healing points are generated and the same can also be said for each of the strengthening artes. If the healing point pool is empty, your healing skills are empty. An object called orange gel can refill this again, but it is very expensive. The best thing you can do is really learn to dodge and use boost attacks to keep the battles at a high speed so you do not have to worry about wasting their entire remedy points. Fortunately, Cure Points can be refilled at each rest area, so you should never do without too long. The trick here is to manage the healing points during the long boss fights as they are not lucky if they go out early.


Tales of Arise uses a crafting system to get the latest and most powerful weapons. This is instead of the basic x-money amount to buy a weapon, and although it still costs a pretty cent to buy better weapons, there is also an additional element for collecting materials. The special materials you need to produce the most powerful weapons and armor often come from the most powerful enemies on the map. You can normally find them because they are about 10 times as big as their normal enemies and they usually exceed a lot. If you use this lifelike, like Tales of Arise it calls, you will get some rare materials that you need for making the best weapons. With every new area you go into, you will find a dealer who sells some new weapons and armor. So it is always worth looking at the discovery of a new place.

It is a lot to note and although it is one of the slimized titles of the valley series, Tales of Arise still requires you to pay attention to its countless systems when you want to master the game. Hopefully this guide has given you a starting point for what you expect if …