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Do you get your head when you play The new brain to play the new game of science authority

<The game that plays the game of the school, such as Seoul National University Department of Professor Lee Kyung Min Professor, is a book to explore the effects of games on human beings. Books that have been compositely conducted in terms of cognitive science, psychology, medicine, and game engineering are a game of the game explores another possibility that the game has from the sunglasses that the harmful harm of addiction is an inherent negative play.

According to the researchers, we use a lot more than I think of the game when playing games. When looking for a hidden enemy, facing sudden attacks, or strategy, our brain functions without rest.

If the researchers do not use excessive or biased games (essential), the game will enable the links of nerve cells that are not usually not used. To be roughly summarized, when you enjoy the game, the synapses in the brain are increased, resulting in an increasing connectivity of the brain, which can increase the user’s overall nerve efficiency.

Therefore, the game is a certificate (the book in the book describes the ‘dementia’. ‘Dementia’ contains a negative meaning in the word added to the foolishness. The Ministry of Health and Welfare recommends that the Ministry of Health and Welfare There is also effective in preventing and improving ‘dementia’ in Japan and ‘dementia’ is not used as a formal concept. In the age of aging, the game can bring a lot of benefits as a young cognitive ability maintenance item. Already the appearance of Gray Gamers came up with one trend.

NBA LIVE 18 Gameplay

The Finland researchers announced that the game was to provide a rehabilitation effect, and in Israel, it has been published in Israel and has been published in the game that the body movements were improved through the game. Although not introduced in the book, it is also providing program for the disabled people and parents in the National Rehabilitation of Korea.

For games and violence, the researchers offer an excellent answer. Right, The problem of violent behavior in reality is more related to the tendency of individuals associated with stress thresholds rather than a violent game. Rather, gamers are found in the game and ‘help’ to solve each other’s problem with ‘help’. Another new < Moral Combat > can also be recognized as a witty style.

Professor Lee Kyung-min and Seoul National University Department of Science Research Institute, emphasizes that the development direction of the game and provision of accurate information on the right use and the right to use. For this purpose, it is not only to understand the game and virtual space, but also to form the efforts to form a sympathetic and culture based on the understanding of humans.

Social Psychologist Richard Nice Beth Cleaving In the Map of Thinking, Map of Thinking> is sought to analyze, describe, and understand and respect each other in cultural differences. <The game that does not play is not a game that does not play gamers, Map to be a ‘real’, not the ‘scientifically’ waste or preliminary criminals, but facts , which are immersive and useful hobbies.

The way to replace the play and academia is a way to miss the important core. Human beings have given a homo faber, Homo Faber, and enjoyed a wise man Homo Sapiens. However, it is necessary to remind the development of mankind, and it is appropriately blended in daily life, and it is necessary to remind that it is an integrated play and learning. (P.21)