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FIFA 21 had extremely strong special cards should FIFA 22 continue so

FIFA 22 is only a few weeks away, because FIFA 21 suddenly distributes a lot of super cards to the players. There, the teams are now full of heavy footballers. But are these super cards really cool?

FIFA 21 skin special cards out: Most of the season in Ultimate Team went, the thick events are rum. No wonder, after all, the FIFA 22 release is already imminent.

This also means that FIFA 21 now has a lot of special cards that could be warried during the year. In the current season preparation even 100 of the best special cards are even in packs.

At the same time, there is a fairly simple squad-building challenge – the repeatable 85 + -upgrade x 10 SBC. The benefit players just extremely successful to win extremely strong cards in FUT.

98er de Bruyne, 96 Gómez, 94 Navas and lots of other cards with strong ratings in a pack? Such content is on the agenda at the SBC. Accordingly, the teams are now full of heavy cards. And so, the event quasi delivers a good overview, how violently the cards are in Fut meanwhile.

More than 700 cards with value over 90

So strong were the players in FIFA 21: Look at the current state in FIFA 21, then you will find a total of 713 players cards, which are at a value above the 90 (via Futbin).

If one compares this with FIFA 20, the number has actually fallen slightly: there it was at the end 771 cards, which were above the 90 layers. In previous years that looked like this:

FIFA 15: 96 players with 90+
FIFA 16: 168 players with 90+
FIFA 17: 257 players with 90+
FIFA 18: 461 players with 90+
FIFA 19: 553 players with 90+

If you look at the absolute top values, the comparison between FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 also looks similar.

FIFA 20 had 11 cards with 99, 6 cards with 98 and 20 cards with 97
FIFA 21 offered 8 cards with 99, 17 cards with 98 and 16 cards with 97

Overall, it shows: Also in FIFA 21 were again a lot of special cards at the start. Finally, the maps are not even included below the 90.

But there is no wonder. Finally, there was almost every week a new event (or a new event section) that could bring heavy special cards, in addition to the usual TOTW on Wednesday. The question is: how cool are the special cards?

There is a fundamental discussion between FIFA players.

Survey: How do you see special cards in FIFA – and how should FIFA 22 continue?

In terms of realism, the special cards in FIFA are not exactly helpful. Finally, there are special cards that lift completely incomparable players to a level. For example, in FIFA 21, there are games for players like Ben Chilwell (97), Vinicius Junior (97) or Samu Castillejo (97), which they lift them to a level with players such as Ronaldo, Zidane or more current players like De Bruyne. Compared to real football, this is (at least current) pure fantasy.

A little different looks like the power-based cards like the Totw or the Man Of The Match. These cards have an anchor in real football and are more realistic. At the same time, the TOTW also had the problem that it could no longer be so good with fantasy promos like Freeze or What if .


The special cards give on the other hand the opportunity to lift more players in the meta of FIFA. So the pace was crucial in FIFA 21 – you had no good value, one was disadvantageous. Thanks to the special cards, it is possible for players to rise to the meta, which would not normally be competitive. If that’s just your own favorite player, that’s a nice thing.

Here, however, the criticism is counteracted that special cards are often awarded for the same players. For example, look at Joshua Kimmich, who had 8 different cards this year, or Lionel Messi, where it was at the end of 9. On the other hand, a player like Wout Wout, who shot 20 goals in the Bundesliga, had only three cards in total – and not really meta-relevant.

We want to know: how do you see that? Should FIFA 22 follow and put it fully on special cards? Or do you wish a different way? Take part in our survey and tells us in the comments as you see the situation.

In principle, however, but also in FUT 22 with new events and maps are expected. Everything that makes FIFA 22 otherwise new in Ultimate Team can be found here.