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Tales of Arise How to block and stop

The blockade is one of the most basic actions you can perform in any such game, but Tales of Arise has modified the combat. So, if you have problems with blocking, we have it covered. Here is How to block and stop at Tales of Arise .

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Block and stop at Tales of Arise

You may have difficulty blocking because you simply can not. Actually, you can not block enemy attacks in this game unless you are using Kisara. She is the only member of the group that has a shield, so instead of dodging it, she uses it to block.

Press and hold R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox to block when you use Kisara. This is exactly the same button that the other characters use to dodge. The last second locks are stopped that work in the same way as the last second diversions. Time will slow down, which will give Kisara an opportunity to counterattack if she rapidly blocks at the right time.

If you have unlocked the Counter Edge skill, you can press your normal attack button right after a lock / stop of last second to run towards the enemy and counterattack with your own combo. There are even other skills that Kisara can unlock to strengthen her guard and receive less damage while she blocks all enemies in Tales of Arise.

The Kisara Boost Attack is also a block. When the boost indicator of it (BG) is full, touch the direction of the D-PAD that matches the icon of the character of it to summon him and make him block an enemy’s load attack before hitting a member of the group.

So not all the members of the band can do this, but that’s all you need to know. How to block Tales of Arise . Check our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other general information about the game if you want to get more information.

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