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Tales of Arise How to save

Tales of Arise is a huge game and know how to save you will spare you a lot of grief. Hey. The journey of Alphen and Shionne to liberate the country is full of unforgettable moments and hard struggles. If you lose a fight, this may not mean that the game is finished immediately, but if you stop in anger or the current fails, there is the possibility that the automatic storage does not take place in a place you really want. Fortunately, the game offers a great way to manually store to make sure everything is done. Here’s all we know to save in Tales of Arise.

How to save in Tales of Arise

To save in Tales of Arise, open the main menu, go to the settings and then use the memory option. Here you can create multiple memory levels that are loaded when you resume your game again. It is noteworthy that the game automatically stores automatically, but the use of manual storage can be helpful in coping with some of the many more difficult challenges of the game. In addition, you can literally save anywhere, so use it regularly, especially after a great performance. Below you will find a strange interaction that we have found with the DLC.

If you accidentally redeem too early, you can go back

The DLC in Tales of Arise is based on flags. This means that when redeeming in a memory file is displayed that the DLC has been used, but it does not retain it in memory unless you save the game completely. If you want to see in this sense, what certain items such as the SP-Boost or outfits actually do, you can save your game, redeem the DLC, then see what he does, and reload your store. As long as you do not resist after redeem, the DLC flag is not saved. Yes, it’s not the most useful observation, but maybe someone finds a good way to use them.

Stories of Arise is now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X | s. Take a look at our test for the game.

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