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Tales of Arise How to remove outfits

While changing outfits in Tales of Arise is pretty simple, it is not as clear how to remove outfits that once applied. There is a whole range of outfits and other cosmetic objects in the game, which can be earned by the rescue of owls or the receipt of the DLC, and associated with it is a good adaptation for each of the six playable characters. Understandably, this selection is easy to get tired or just does not want to see the weapon you bought. Here’s all we know to remove outfits in Tales of Arise.

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How to remove outfits in Tales of Arise

To remove outfits in Tales of Arise, you must go to the OUTFITS option in the main menu. If you want to remove a hairstyle or body protection, you can not do so. Instead, you must select another outfit or a different hairstyle, and in the course of the game, more will be activated from which you can select. If the accessories or the Waffen Skin do not match your wishes, select it, and then press X or Square on the controller or the Delete key when you play with keyboard and mouse. Below you will find another cool thing that you can make with some accessories.

A little color is a long way

Almost every accessory deserved in the game has a few different color options to choose from. After selecting the desired accessories, you can press the color change button (Y or triangle on the controller or G on the keyboard) to display the different options. Although it is not very varied, it can make or destroy an outfit that you want to put together, so fit it to your heart’s content.

Stories of Arise is now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X | s. Take a look at the rest of our guides for Tales of Arise, while you are here!