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Defeat Mantis in Tales of Arise

The Chief Mantis in Tales of Arise is one of the most difficult enemies of the game, and people want to know how to defeat it. This is especially true because the monster is unspecibly more powerful than you the first time you find it. So, what should one do? What are some of the things you can do to beat the mantis boss? Well, that’s what we will discuss in our defeat Mantis in Tales of Arise Guide.

Tales of Arise - Level 43 Mantis defeated early game
Defeat Mantis in Tales of Arise

How to defeat Tales of Arise Mantis Boss

To defeat the mantis boss in Tales of Arise, the first thing you should know is that you probably can not beat the monster when you find it for the first time. You will be very, well below the level. I mean, if you’re really good, you may kill the error at level ten, maybe a little less. If not, you should probably leave it for now and return when you have at least level 35 more or less.

Now, the only thing you should know about the battle against Mantis is that it is a war of wear. The health reserve of the creature is huge and, if it hits you, hit you tightly. Then, the idea is to attack a few times, then dodge and wait for the next opening. Take your time if you need it. Of course, if you manage to defeat Mantis in less than five minutes, you can fight against Mesmal’s secret boss, but forget about that for now.

Then, to defeat the Head of Tales of Arise Mantis, you must know the weaknesses of him. The main part of the body by which you must go is the left front leg. If you are constantly attacked, you can tear down the monster for a few seconds and cause it free damage. In addition, Mantis is very weak for Air Astral Artes, so it changes to air strikes in each character (Severing Wind, Orochi Galeforce Fury and the like).

Apart from that, just be careful and fight intelligently. Cure regularly, use your impetus and mystical arts attacks carefully, and elusive frequently. You may need a little practice, but you will get it over time.