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Tales of Arise How to protect yourself

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Stories of Arise not only gave us a modern interpretation of the long-term franchise, but also brings us the best all-round experience in the franchise. This is not least because of the fantastic struggles that are introduced. It is free fluent, fast-lived and looks crazy, while all classic beats are retained, the valley fans have been loving for over two decades. As much as its former roots are heavening, it does as much to break from this shape and to make his own thing. One of these things from the past is the recording of a lock button. This is as good in Tales of Arise, so let’s figure out how we can stop the damage otherwise.

How to protect in Tales of Arise

Well, you can not, at least not as you keep it traditionally from blocking. At no time will you see classic, horizontal swords that goes out of one of your characters. The reason for this is that Bandai Namco wanted to make this combat system of this combat system and took a page from the legendary book by Bloodborne to form his defense system. The result is the removal of the most important block buttons for over 25 years and the introduction of the Dodge and Roll Buttons.


Dodge is the most important factor in the complex combat system of Tales of Arise. If you become a master in it, it will ensure that you suffer as little damage as possible. When it is pressed, your character performs an evasive maneuver, and this maneuver can be used to avoid almost every single attack in the game.

If you press the alternate button while you stand still and do not deter damage, a dodge is executed in real time. However, if you are closing it exactly before the attack of a enemy, you enter a slow motion phase in which you can perform a powerful counterattack. Executing a perfect dodge is the key to defeating the toughest enemies in the game. The great thing here is that physical attacks and Astral-type attacks can be devoted to proper timing.

If you press the alternate key during movement, run a litter instead. Rolls is a fantastic way to escape enemies that perform attacks in spread style, and this is particularly practical in some boss fights where they can not afford to risk a perfect dodge. Roll is a much less worthwhile train, but it keeps you safer and when it comes to avoiding damage is by far your best choice.

Laws Boost Attack

Although both Law and Alphen have the ability to break the defense of a enemy with their boost attacks, only LAWS hits are fast enough to prevent damage to you. If you choose the right time, while Law’s boost attack is filled, you can stop any damage that comes to you at least from the point of view of a physical attack. The reason for this is that Laws faster boost attack turns off an enemy most of the time and therefore stops every attack he has planned for them. However, this is a last way to protect against attacks, and is not recommended unless they are surprised by a train for whom they were not ready.


The only true way to traditionally protect against attacks in the game is to play as Kisara. See, Kisara wears a large freakin shield, and it would be stupid to clear her away, considering that she wears a big freakin shield. Fortunately, Kisara actually uses this sign, because if you play as you, the alternative button simply raises the sign to protect against accommodating damage. This does not exclude her from the counterattack, as the right timing of her block leads to the same slowdown effect as everyone else.

To make them more valuable in combat, Kisara’s boost attack will stop directly stop every attacking enemy and turn it off, making it a lot of damage. Although it is not the biggest fun to play Kisara, it is important to be in your group if you just can not find out how you can escape an enemy attack.

In general, a single enemy aims to a boss on the character of the player. So if you switch to Kisara to absorb a part of the damage during a hard fight, this can turn the leaf completely in your favor as your group breaks down while you play the defensive side. a little bit.

Dodge is surprisingly one of the funniest parts in Tales of Arise. So, if you reduce the timing, you will dominate the Renan Lords in no time. Stories of Arise is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. – This article was updated on September 13, 2021