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At least 30 000 in the admission fee What is playing in the block chain card arena Axie Infinity

Recent Axie Infinity This arena block chain because of rapidly increasing influx of players, leading to explosion in trading volume between players, the arena ended the past 30 days the auction of September 12 trading on the aggregate amount of up to 7.2 billion dollars, what is the arena red or financial speculation?

As a lover of card arenas, I especially like the need to think for the arena does not require a timely response operations; but also be able to take into account the fairness of the competition, and make the field players can use the same set of standard athletics, which is today gold market a lot of lessons the arena can not be done.

Excluding far Axie Infinity barriers to entry than an expensive arena, I think in essence Axie Infinity is in line with my expectations in a competitive arena, this article today is to introduce this as exactly what to play, but also tell us about the core of the arena, Axie abilities and skills is how composed, in particular, will not dwell on how to join \ arena, or how to make money in the arena, and perhaps have the opportunity to be treated with additional space to do introduction.

barriers to entry Axie Infinity arena

The arena is very unfriendly for the novice, novice to sign not only does not provide any benefits, in turn, Axie Infinity requires players account needs to have three Axie to start playing the arena (Note: Axie is the world’s unique biological)

Way to obtain Axie has two kinds, one is you or someone else to take you, one is oneself go Axie Infinity with the auction to buy other players.

The auction denominated in units of currency is Ethernet, another very attentive to display the current value of the dollar exchange rate, per a pet because of the different quality and price are not the same, currently available in the arena worthy of a Axie use Great appointment at around $ 300 to $ 500, but the price is fluctuating greatly, and the team will be with the mainstream arena balance adjustment and the overall environment is constantly changing. If the lowest price of $ 300 to calculate, to join the arena First you have to spend at least 900 dollars, converted at the moment of writing the article here is to NT $ 828.00, but the price to buy the ideal lineup is still too difficult, If you do not want to make their own gaming experience bad enough, catch the budget of NT $ 32,000 would be more appropriate.

We advise players determined to want to join, we must first study clearly the characteristics and knowledge surrounding the all Axie and then shot, because good Axie can help you in the subsequent gaming experience and enhance overall return, rotten Axie just simply throw money going to ditch it.

‘3V3 turn-based card battle pet arena

If you use a word to describe Axie Infinity play, I think it is a: 3V3 turn-based card battle pet arenas, there are two arena modes, namely PVE and PVP.

But now the money to join a arena pad threshold is really too high. I have a friend in 2018, when the arena just out of curiosity to buy based solely on the two Axie, according to him, was a long 10 dollars. If I am a time traveler, I do not buy back the 2018 blast wave ……, the subsequent development of the arena is still full of unknowns, what will people join now become leeks can still continue to make a profit, the answer is probably only God will know NS.

But in general the arena is not the same place, in the short term as long as a reasonable price to buy the Axie, there are opportunities for about the same price and then resold, and can even be sold with two Axie proliferation offspring , so your money is not directly disappear, but became Axie look.

Axie composition

In Axie Infinity , each only Axie is a unique presence, Axie itself a NFT (non-homogeneity tokens), every number has its own, this article took me some currently for example when a Axie, its number is 5014710, and its information can be ] [ Click here to see (ID URL to make changes as long as you can see the corresponding other only Axie)

Axie a total of nine races, the nine races and can be divided into three categories, there are attributes of grams of the relationship between each other.

The three categories are:

  1. reptiles, plants, evening 2. fish, birds, dawn 3. beasts, insects, mechanical

The race is restrained only play 85% of the effect on the attack, otherwise there will be 115 percent results.

Each Axie only by six organs, each race has its own unique organ, which can be mixed race between species (such as birds and plants can give birth to a bird, some parts of the plant organs and organ Axie ).

The six organs will directly affect the Axie appearance, values ​​and skills deck:

The appearance of influence: the decision by the six organs are the eyes (Eyes), ear (Ears), Horn (Horn), mouth (Mouth), back (Back), tail (Tail).

Skill deck: mouth (Mouth), back (Back), tail (Tail) four organs is determined by the horns (Horn), every organ will correspond to a particular card.

card content is divided into four parts:

Energy consumption: Value Card upper left corner, there are three kinds of consumption, 2:00, 1:00 and 0:00. Attack: the ability of the amount of damage caused by the enemy, digital red sword. Armor: Armor is capable of producing, armor takes precedence over the blood is consumed, digital green shield. Special effects: Below is a description of the last card special effects.

Plant (Plant) organ: blood +3, +1 morale fish (Aquaic) organ: blood +1, +3 speed reptile (Reptile) organ: blood +3, +1 speed Beast (Beast) organs: Morale + 3, speed +1 insects (Bug) organ: blood +1, +3 morale bird (bird) organs: morale +1, +3 speed

Only the sum of each of the total value Axie (health, speed, skill, morale) must be 164, health effects are blood, affect the speed of a sequence of actions, the impact of a combo skill batter injuries, morale is crit chances, but the explosion hit probability is probably the most uncertain factor in the arena in addition to draw up, often a critical strike could affect the outcome of the entire arena, every arena must have a card arena where you can rely on !

sports rules

Is a card battle arena on the nature of this arena, start every arena arena battle the two sides will gain 3 energy, and six cards, the second round began everyone will only get 2 points and 3 energy card (other the maximum number of cards unless special effects triggered card), every Axie round a maximum of four, with the furnace slag Wars not the same place that the round did not run out of energy and cards will be accumulated to the next round.

Each Axie will have only eight cards (each skill cards each 2), so a team of three Axie the deck for a total of 24, in the battle interface, you can clearly see when the opponent has the round the number of hands (next to the upper right corner of gear), and the number of one’s own library of (lower left corner), and number (bottom right corner) own the card has been used, 24 cards are lighting the future, the entire deck will be reshuffled apply again and again back to the library the next round, who died Axie of eight cards will disappear from the deck inside, so the less Axie floor, they want to be able to get the card chances will be higher.

Axie Infinity arena essence, is that all the information the two sides are transparent, you can understand the characteristics of the enemy team through Axie appearance or for more information, and then observe the behavior of each round opponents opponents have to remember used cards as well as mental arithmetic opponents remaining energy points to infer the behavior they might make next, and then plan their own hands and the cards Axie strategy to defeat the enemy 3 Axie.

Arena earnings

Introduced in front of so many, you might wonder what good can play arena?

Axie Infinity so-called arena rank rewards, ongoing is the 18th of the season, before the 1000 season, the first 18 are Keyihuode AXS tokens as a reward, the first one can get 225 AXS, the 1000 can get an AXS, writing moment a AXS worth NT $ 1,866 million, so the first one is quite Keyihuode nearly NT $ 420,000 value. In addition to rankings reward, win every arena arena can be acquired separately SLP tokens, the tokens in writing the moment a value of NT $ 2.44 yuan, equivalent to the arena all the time full of incentive bonuses to encourage players to each other competition between the apex of the arena to move.


In today’s barriers to entry are so high, it is clear that after adding players to a very high probability of making money is hold a mentality comes, so if players want to experience the simple competitive fun of the arena, I would suggest maybe you can wait and so on, until the supply and price of the arena back to a more suitable threshold for general players to join, or other follow-up revision, then wait to see the wind too late, after all, then there are a lot of arenas are preparing to block chain formally launched ~