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PS5 receives your larger software update tomorrow and these are your news

PlayStation has announced that tomorrow it will be available for everyone, the second important update of PS5, and that it promises to be the largest to date. So you can expect improvements in experience and new special functions, among which highlights the inclusion of support of Audio 3D for integrated TV speakers or the possibility of expanding storage with an SSD memory M.2 . We are going to review some of its characteristics, as they count from the official blog of Ps.

The new update adds user interface improvements so that, according to Sony, be easier than ever for players to see, customize and manage the content of the game and the console experience.

For example, now we can reorganize the Control Center by choosing what Mostras or hide at the bottom of the screen. The section Game Base has also been improved to write messages to friends and groups directly from there.

Improvements in trophies and multimedia

An expected improvement is that now the versions of the PS4 and PS5 games installed will appear separately in the library , so that it is less confused to know what we are playing. You can also customize the experiences of the game, with selector between 720p or 1080p on PS Now. There will also be other social additions so that, after an online match, the players can be rewarded with a new type of award called Leader .

Now, the system will make an automatic capture when we get to beat the best personal brands in a game, such as meeting a challenge or getting the highest score. The clip will be saved automatically and can be chartered directly and easily.

Also, if you are completely, you will have more simple to take the platinum with the new trophies tracker , which allows players to quickly access up to five trophies per game through the control center.

3D audio and memory expansion

With the September update, the console now adds the possibility of experiencing 3D audio from the TV, since until now it could only be with official headphones. Once enabled in the Sound menu, This function transforms the standard audio of the two-channel TV speakers in a three-dimensional sound, which increases the immersion sensation in the game.

On the other hand, from tomorrow all the world can expand the memory of the console by means of an SSD M.2 , a type of special solid state unit that can be installed on the two models of the console.

Once done, it can be used to download, copy and start ps5 and ps4 games, as well as multimedia applications. We can play PS5 and PS4 games directly from SSD M.2 storage and move free games between storage options.