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Tales of Arise Bibliophile Quest Guide

Tales of Arise is an activity role-playing game established and also released by Bandai Namco Amusement for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X/S. The seventeenth major entry in the Tales series, it was initially intended to launch in 2020 however was postponed to September 2021 due to internal top quality issues and also the capacity to launch the game on more platforms. The game adheres to two people from the opposing worlds of Dahna and Rena.
Established by a team made up of both collection veterans and newbies, the aim was to rejuvenate the Tales collection. Minoru Iwamoto, among a number of musicians that serviced Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria, returns as both character designer as well as art supervisor. The game is developed utilizing Unreal Engine 4. Upon launch, the game got critical acclaim from movie critics. The game was commended for its plot, gameplay, characters, visuals and also presentation, while its handling of DLC got criticism. The PS4 and Xbox One versions also received some criticism for technical issues.

Tales of Arise is full of missions that reward players with tons of Galds and skill points (SP), but some may be a bit difficult to understand. This sub-mission of book collection is not exactly the easiest of all, so we are here to help. Here is How to complete the Bibliophile sub-mission in Tales of Arise .

How to complete Bibliophile in Tales of Arise

This sub-mission begins when you speak with the woman of the green tunic near the shelves of the Autelina de Mini Palace after completing the arch of the history of Dohalim and Kisara in the city.

The woman is called tigrina and will ask Rinwell to bring you several books to be able to consult them. Depending on when you accept this mission, you may already have several of the books she is looking for, since those books are all weapons that Rinwell uses. For every book she brings, she will receive rewards for her efforts.

Here is the complete list of all books of Bibliophiles:

Secrets of the stars

This is Rinwell’s first weapon, so he should already have this in the inventory of him. Talk to Tigrina immediately after accepting the mission to get your first reward.

Domesticated water

This book is a weapon that needs to be forged. To create it you will need the following materials:

890 gallons
strange core x8 , which falls from ropers in Ulvhan Grotto and Rudhir Forest, Goems in Sandinus Ravin and Iglia Wastes, and Oouses in Underground Waterway and Frozen Waste
Astral crystal fragment X2 , which runs up with the crayed snipers of Cyslody, the Cycylodia Batchers and the main Lancers of Cyslody, all in the Mazmorra of the Riville prison tower.

Radiant light

Nature’s Beauty is another weapon that must be forged for the search for Bibliophile in Tales of Arise. Here is the necessary material:

1440 gallons
strange Megacore X6 , which is more easily obtained from Forest Ropers in Gilanne Woodland, Granilem in Translida Highway and Razum Quarry, or Earthen Mass in Translida Highway and Testal Plain.
Clam Tentacle X2 , which falls from ShellShockers in the sea cave Safar and the translid road.

The beauty of the nature

The beauty of nature should also be forged for Rinwell. Here are the materials of it:

1600 gallons
x4 megacore strange , which is more easily obtained from Forest Ropers in Gilanne Woodland, Granilem in Translida Highway and Razum Quarry, or Earthen Mass in Translida Highway and Tieval Plain.
Earth stone x1 , which descends only from the ground mass of the translida road and the testal plain.
Titanium arm protectors X1 , which falls from Apes in Gilanne Woodland.

Celestial Gaze – the weirdest book

The search for Bibliophile does not really tell you what is the rarest book of Tales of Arise, but Heavenly Gaze is the one who tigrina wants to see. You can not create it until the game is over, so do not worry about finding the right book until you have progressed much more than stuff.

Here are the materials to do it:

19,580 gallons
Mystic Lumination X6 , which is more easily obtained from Blooming Ropers at The Wedge, Treant Ropers, Lavalem and Punishers at The Otherworld, and Magalem and Flaming Masses at Berg Volcano.
X2 threatening ocular balloon, which runs up with Astral Sloth in Tarfhal Helgarahi and Mash Boomy at The Otherworld.
Incendiary Staircase X2 , which leaves Blast Bees in Gegham Helgarahi and Bee Prisms at The Otherworld.

Return to Tigrina in the Autelina Palance library to get her rewards after collecting each of these books. Show HEAVENLY GAZE to finally complete the mission.

That’s all you need to know How to complete the Bibliophile mission in Tales of Arise . Be sure to check our Game Guide Wiki to get more tips, tricks and other useful information.

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