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Tales of Arise How to get new arts and update them

Arts are special movements that have appeared in combat for all games of such to date. You will want to add as many arts as possible to your list of movements while exploring the world of this game. Here is how to get new art and update it in such of arise .

How to get and improve Artres in Tales of Arise

Putting arts in combat

Arts refer to all the names with a name that can be made in combat, and consume the Art indicator (AG) when used. The new art will be unlocked as you go up to your characters and continue using them in the battle.

To be more precise, each character has three artistic skills that increase as the arts of these three types are used in combat. Skills can be checked in the menu status section.

For example, one of Alphen’s skills are aerial attacks. This means that every time he uses arts that hit enemies in the air, the skill will increase, which leads to learn more aerial art. Once the ability is high enough, use such an art again and unlock a new art.

Obtaining arts through the titles

The titles also appear throughout the series Tales of, and in this game they provide skills that give new arts and passive benefits for each character in Tales of Arise.

To unlock arts through titles, you will need to earn skill points (SP) by winning battles and completing missions. Once you have enough SP, go to the Skills Panel tab on the menu to buy a new art or a benefit of the titles you have obtained. And if you are looking to unlock new titles, we also have a guide for that.

Get arts through missions.

Some main and secondary missions will automatically add new items to your collection once you complete. A pop-up window will appear at the end of some missions to notify you when a new art has been learned.

There is no way in the game of knowing if a new art will be learned by completing a mission before completing it. However, they all offer useful rewards, so it is convenient to assume as much as possible of them.

How to update arts

Arts can also be improved with repetitive use. Once you have used an art several times, stars will appear just above the art description in the art menus. Each art can be updated up to five times, so use your favorites as often as possible to update them.

That’s all you need to know How to get new art and update it in Tales of Arise . Make sure you check our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and general information about the game if you want more suggestions.

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