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Tales of Arise How to use Over Limit and Mystic Arts

Over Limits and Mystic Arts are basic elements of the Tales of, and Tales of Arise brings them back in a slightly different way. These are useful functions of the game to use in battle, so you should know exactly how to use them. Here is How to use Over Limit and Mystic Arts in Tales of Arise .

Using the upper limit in Tales of Arise

Unlike previous games, you will automatically enter the Over Limit status in Tales of Arise.

As you perform perfect dodge and perfect lock or receive damage, it will gradually begin to enter the upper limit. You can notice that this is happening because your controlled character will begin to shine in blue.

If you exceed your limit, you will be fully surrounded by a blue aura and its arts meter (AG) will become a meter that runs slowly over time.

This means that your arts no longer cost AG, so you can chain combos as you want while it is active.

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How to use Mystic Arts

Mystical arts are special skills that can only be used when the upper limit is active.

After landing an art in Over Limit, hold two art buttons at a time to activate a mystical art that will be developed in a brief scene.

Some mystical arts can only be used after completing a combo that connects several different arts.

Once you use a mystic art, you will automatically come from Over Limit in Tales of Arise. So try to use Unlimited GA to make multiple combos before activating a mystic art and finishing your temporary ignition.

That’s all you need to know How to use Over Limit and Mystic Arts at Ascension Tales . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game.

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