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Curious tetris clone robs fans the last nerve

The cult game Tetris has clear and simple rules. On the order in the puzzle game is always leaving. Therefore, fans becomes very different at the sight of this curious clone. Because this ignores the applicable laws of the game and simply brings us everything!

If Tetris would have a realistic physics

We all know the ancient cult game Tetris. For decades it has been based on the one principle of rigid physics . You turn the blocks and maneuvers them into the right gaps. You will be rewarded with the elimination of a complete series.

What, however, when one simply pushes a realistic physics to the puzzle game and the parts fly around, as they are popular?

This has also thought of the Reddit user Masterjun and shared a short clip to a version that can drive watching smoothly in madness.

But look at the chaotic drive once in video :

Players celebrate the cursed tetris

Lucky of all, ranks filled in this crazy clone are extinguished in the horizontal. Since the ballroom of the individual parts is also completely no matter, this nightmare version is probably also a lot lighter than the original .

In the thread, the Reddit users celebrate the striking Tetris clone and reward this creation with now more than 48,000 upvotes .

Many complain to a fun way that this version has ruined them only through the whole day. The familiar order of the classic is just too deep in the bones.

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If you want to ask yourself the special Tetris, you can download Not Tetris 2 and set off. In it, of course, the unforgettable title music of the original is included. You can also dedicate yourself with your friends exciting head-to-head multiplayer rounds!

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For all fans of order and classic tetris, this chaos clone should be the absolute gray. However, if you like to advocate fresh variety in the dusty classic, will certainly have its bright pleasure with this version.