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Humankind Practical entry level tips that we would like to know before game startup

Christine Steel is an American starlet, known for her duty of Jenny Andrews on the TV collection Team Knight Biker along with the Tiberium Mutant Umagon in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

The developers of Humankind have managed to make a complex game comparatively accessible: lots of tooltips and Ingame helps catch most of the stumbling blocks and ensure that genre newcomers should look good after a while. But a few questions are still open to stay open, there are game details that can be opened up after some way. Here are our tips in the game: In our guide for beginners, we give you a momentum of practical help to the hand, with which you should find even better in the game.

You have any further questions about Humankind (Buy Now 49,99 € / 42.49 €) ? Do you know a few useful beginners that you want to share here? Then we will gladly write us a commentary, then we take your suggestions with. And if you want to know more about the game, you definitely read our extra big test to humankind.

Table of contents

  1. 1 game start in the Neolithic: What should I do here?
  2. 2I do not have enough influence to transform out the outposts in cities!
  3. 3MOHT CITIZESS – How it works!
  4. 4Can I also resolve cities?
  5. 5stability low! So you increase the value
  6. 6 independent peoples: Why are they good?
  7. 7stairs? Indispensable!
  8. 8so grow cities faster
  9. 9Von the stone time in antiquity – what now?
  10. Dissolve 10 units
  11. 11 Tutorials, help and glossary!
  12. 12am End is just the fame
  13. 13th round limit
  14. 14MalsWart: How do airports and train stations work?

Play start in the Neolithic: What should I do here?

The game entry is basically simple: you only have a small nomadist available to explore the surrounding area. You will discover food sources that you urgently need to get more units in your squad. This will be important later, so collects food where you can only. Divides your squad to two groups, at the latest if you have four units. So you can collect more food while exploring more area. If you discover a refuge, you can still loot them safely in this epoch, which brings a lot of food. In addition, you will also find curiosities that give you an influence. Also, the succession of deer brings food and influence points. The latter are necessary to start out the outpost – so take away!
In the Neolithic, you should explore, collect, hunt and secure a good place for your capital. Source: PC Games But where should you start an outpost? Take a closer look at the territories you discovered. All boundaries are drawn exactly, which do not change throughout the game anymore. Within the limits, your resources find, some of them are luxury goods, some are strategic resources that are provided with a question mark. You want to logically want as many resources as possible. Strategic resources are beneficial, for example, if you rely on iron in the second age or in the third epoch on iron. So at least try to secure two good areas that should lie next to each other. In one you will build your capital in the next epoch. A coastal area is also advantageous because you can dust more food across a harbor.

And another tip for the Nebsteinzeit: If your last tribal member falls in combat, you will automatically receive new troops with 4 units in the next round – that is sometimes more meaningful to get out of the way as stronger enemies.

I do not have enough influence to convert the outpost in cities!

That is often not necessary. On the very right top of the Hud you will find an ad that inform you how many cities can control their maximum. This value should not exceed this value, if possible, exceed for a long time, otherwise a fat deductible threatens to influence. (Do not forget: influence points are in addition to money your most important resource!)

For this reason, one can in Humankind an outpost inner items, unless the area adjacates a zone with city. Just choose the city and then look at the outpost on the map – you will find one in addition to the name a Innocent button plus influence costs. Once you have affiliated an area, you can build districts there, harvest resources and so on. And if you want to build a city in the area later, you can simply deselate the outpost and then convert.

To earn influence, you should also explore diligently in the second epoch, discover natural miracles and of course build appropriate buildings. The entertainment district makes very good services. Basically, the influence plays in the early age a bigger role as money, for example, it turns off new regulations. Also, your influence needs for new outposts. That s why your influence should first give preference, as your money is initially only needed to act. Buildings and units can not be reasonably financed with money in antiquity anyway.

Check more cities – that s how it works!

If you want to operate more cities later without desiring your influence production, your projects such as philosphy , exclave , theology or threemaster explore and choose the Little Council Regulation in the social menu. As a result, you can greatly increase the city feature, which is indispensable for further expansion.
On the top right you read with which research you raise the city limitation. Source: PC Games

Can I resolve cities again?

If you want to operate too many cities and lose too much influence, you can also releasit cities. To do this, you only need to click on the button Cities and Outer Post to see the overview. Here you can share cities at any time, they are then immediately converted into independent (neutral) areas with a KI player. Notes that these areas can be easily taken over by other players – even of you.

Stability low! So you increase the value

Who builds too many districts or takes over cities, must count on stability with a thick malus. To compensate for that, you can build for the beginning of garrison, but in the long run, you should grab better to pleasure quarters – so you should explore this district in a timely manner. The second obvious option: certain infrastructures such as e.g. The aqueduct can improve the stability of your city permanently. The city hail upgrade for garrison can also pay off in some cases because it improves the stability bonus.

Independent peoples: Why are they good?

From the second epoch, gray units will run over the way and discovered areas occupied by neutral peoples. If you click on your city, you can invest a little money and influence there, then Round fills for round a small progress bar. If the beam has grown a good piece, you can shop the resources from the area in a small merchant menu. If the bar is very full, you can submit the independent people, then the area and the city are immediately heard. The good thing: You also get a few units for free. This can only be worthwhile in early epoch if you can quickly use a few tabs or spear damper. But beware: Other KI players also have interest in independent peoples, especially from the difficulty of nation . As soon as you underwood such a neutral people, you solve a grudge with your opponents – especially in warful neighbors you should well think about whether you want to look for a dispute in this way.
Neutral peoples can be easily conquered with money and influence. Source: PC Games By the way: It is always advisable to invest a little money and influence on independent peoples. After a few rounds you have made you so popular that you no longer need to be afraid of attacks.

Trade? Indispensable!

Another great way to improve stability abruptly is the trade: opens the diplomatic screen and tries to meet with other KI players a trade agreement for luxury goods. Luxury goods give you permanent bonuses on all your cities, including stability. Look at the list of luxury goods that have other KI players – in the tooltip you will find all the information you need. In addition to stability, you can also massively improve growth, industry and research in your cities if your strong luxury goods shopping. Especially for players that braked from strong opponents or weak industry, the change can be worthwhile on a financial culture (e.g., Phoenicians or Dutchen), because then you quickly have all the necessary funds to get in the trading screen and to compensate for deficits.
Coats in the merchant menu with luxury goods. Source: PC Games and not afraid of the costs: Who is luxury goods, helps with the other ruler, but generally generates more money per round than before. That means: In the long run you get richer and richer.

So grow cities faster

Especially in the early game phases, folding growth is indispensable. If you have chosen a city, you can distribute all inhabitants at the top of the screen to the four growth fields (food, industry, money and research). Although every now and then it is advisable to turn the people by hand, you can do most of the job from the game: Under Money and Science is a small button, on which stands by default balanced politics . If this setting changes to urban growth , food and industry are preferred. But do not forget to distribute a few inhabitants early on research, otherwise you unnecessarily brake you.

From the Stone Age to Ancient – What Now?

You have left the first game phase behind you, now you have to start a city and deal with research, influence, religion and much more. But do not forget that you still have your exploration units from the Stone Age! This scout should be used to use. Explore the environment and find out where neutral peoples have settled. Maybe you can also discover a few natural wonders, which brings you free research points. You have to take care of it by hand by hand: You can be explored to your scout automatically, and in the units menu, you can find the practical controller Car-explore . (Very worthwhile also with marine units, which automatically treasure treasures on the map!)

However, we recommend that you not send all the scouts suddenly. Depending on how many scaven you have taken from the Neolithic, you should send a few units to the area of ​​your capital. Now click on the unit, then four more commands appear on the right side of the image as healing or improve . On the far right, you will find the Resolve Unit button. If you select this command as soon as the unit is in an area with city, it is automatically credited to the city s population. This allows you to urge your food and industrial production at the beginning of antiquity. (Tip: If you have multiple units in your troop, you ll have to click one of the unit portraits again to see the other commands!)
With our entry-level tips, the first victory is not far away. Source: PC Games


As described in the section before: It is especially valuable in antiquity to convert its scouts into urban population by choosing the command dissolve units . This can notably accelerate the growth of your city or train early combat units that consume basic population. But even in later play phases, the dissolving command is practical, for example if you take a neutral city or conquer an enemy colony. Anyone who simply converts a few of his soldiers in the population here can quickly blossom the new city. In addition, you save yourself the solder of the military units, which you would otherwise have every lap. In peacetime, so there is no reason to get a huge army – the troops prefer to use urban development and converts them later in soldiers if necessary.
You can dissolve units, then they are converted into city population. Source: PC Games

uses the tutorials, help and the glossary!

In the main menu, you can find a tutorial section under Extras , where the developers explain the most important features in short, handy videos. This is worth it very much if you should not look through at a certain game element. And if you want to get deeper, you will find more practical tools in the game. At the bottom right next to the game menu button, there are two important features, the first is a play of glossary, in which you can look up all the important content. This is a question mark button that creates a help overlay over your current screen. So you can select more information about specific features or functions.

In the end, only the fame counts

Never forget that fame decides the victory in the end. So before you rises an epoch, looks in your fame overview (click the button on the top left of the top). Here you will find seven priorities with three stars under the section EPONNESSES . These focus is on various areas in the game like research, fight and so on. For example, if you build many districts, earn lots of money or defeat many opponents, you will eventually receive a star and at the same time fame points. Stand some stars just before the conclusion? Then maybe it s worth taking these tasks quickly before you get an epoch. Otherwise you may have valuable glory points through the rags.
You can earn up to 21 stars per epoch. There is a glory for each of them. Source: PC Games Fair may also be said here: You should not wait too long with the epoch ascent, because your teammates can grasp your favorite folk.

Through the looking glass | Side Case | The Sinking City
Round limit

In the default settings, Humankind is past 300 trains. We find: too little! Especially new things we recommend prior to the game start to set the tempo to slow (450 laps) or endless (600 rounds) under the game settings. This will give you more time to fill out the last epoch, to complete research, to try different ways or to meet one of the final conditions. Experienced players, on the other hand, may appreciate the shorter lap class, as it forces it to work early on a certain strategy.

Present: How do airports and train stations work?

If you have reached the last epoch, you are available to advanced technologies and units. These include the train stations and airports. Both allow you to embarrass troops lightning speed, but they work differently. Train stations automatically generate tracks to each other, but only between adjacent areas. If your units want to move quickly by train, you have to build a train station in every area that lies on the track. Have you done this once, you no longer need to worry about it: Your floor units automatically use the trains when they come to the destination faster.
To use airports, you must first place the desired unit on it. Source: PC Games Airports work differently: Here you must first select a unit and then send them directly to the next airport. (Before you ask yourself: Unfortunately, there is no icon or own button for airports, so you have to make the district even in the game graphics.) Once the unit is at the airport, a new button appears to the right of the moving and attack buttons Use airport . Once click on, all available airports are highlighted in green, which makes the search for the destination much easier.

Much success in Humankind!

Do you have more tips or questions for us? Write us a comment!

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