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Tales of Arise Shionne Fashion Review Quest Gu a

Tales of Arise has a large number of secondary missions and some of them do not come with the clearest instructions. If you have a problem with him, we can help him. Here is How to complete the Shionne fashion review mission in such of arise .

Shionne fashion critics search guide

The search begins

SHIONNE spends a lot of time criticizing and evaluating other people s outfits throughout the game. One of the first examples of this can be found in the sub-search of Shionne Fashion criticism.

To start this sub-mission, she talks to the man next to the inn in Ulzebek during the main Signs of Liberation mission. You will ask SHIONNE with a fashion tip and you can choose one of the three options for it.

You can choose any option, since you can always complete the mission regardless of what you choose to say here. After this conversation, the game will tell you to wait until the man has chosen a new attire.

Complete the mission

Unfortunately, the game does not tell you that you must expect the full story before the man finishes choosing the new clothes from him. In fact, you must return after completing the game and eliminate the final boss.

You do not have to do anything else for this search. It is not necessary to communicate with him throughout the trip. Complete the game, then go back to Ulzebek with your full saved file to finally get your reward and see the new attire from it.

That s all you need to know How to complete SHIONNE FASHION REVIEW sub-mission in Tales of Arise . Check out our game wiki guide to see more tips, tricks and useful information.

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