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Fortnite 3 tips with which you can quickly get your Battle Pass in Season 8

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The Battleroyal shooter Fortnite has caused a lot of change through the new 8. Season. Since the quest system has also been revised, MeinMMO shows you the 3 best tips as you quickly get to your XP to complete your Battle Pass.

What happened to the quest system? in the Seasons in front of the 8 . Season, the quests were just kept. Every Thursday you got a new bar on quests and this could then be solved throughout the week to the next quest reset on Thursday.

But now the stamp cards govern the quest system, one or the usual upgrade is peppered with obstacles. We ll show you which 3 tips will definitely help ride.

1. Solve all stamp cards and daily tasks

The quests are now no longer in the simple do this and do the design, but there is a complete quest page with the respective stamp cards.

What are stamp cards? Stamp cards are a re-introduced form of XP procurement. In Chapter 2 Season 2, there were the stamp cards too, but in a smaller form. At that time you closed the stamp cards by way of which you went fishing or made several opponents with a storm rifle.

What is new? Epic Games threw the old quest system and now inserted the new and revised stamp card system. There you can select a stamp card in the separate tab and automatically marks you the associated NPC on your card.

Then go to the NPC during a match, let him inaugurate from him, solves the tasks and finished the stamp card. After loosening a task, you will be automatically supplied with a new task – until all 5 tasks of the stamp card are done.

Important to note: Tried the tasks as far as possible in a team from friends. Due to the new Season, Epic introduced the group tasks. That is, in a squad of 4 players, everyone can take a quest.

By completing the troop, everyone gets credited to progress and the XP. So you can complete four stamp cards in a Battle Royal Round in the optimal case and in no time.

2 . Do not forget the creative mode

The creative mode in Fortnite is a separate platform to have fun. There you can play self-shaped modes from Content Creators and switch off with your friends from the stressful everyday life in BR.

But why is that so important? You only get through the simple step in a creative world XP. Assuming you stay there at least 15 minutes. Epic rewards you when you take a few minutes and play these modes there.

You can use this method of XP recovery five times a day. There is still an indirect cooldown, otherwise many players would simply drop plump in their created world and wait until the XP rains.

So do not forget if you do not feel like the Battle-Royal mode, just in the meantime to make something else and leave your character in the creative lobby. Then do not flute you.

3 . Hochstackler mode is an XP pit

The impostor mode added in Season 7 is a veritable XP pit. The mode is not sweaty in the sense as Br-mode, but funny and he can be pleased in the team.

How can I farm there there? If you are an agent, solves as many tasks as you can only. But it also notes that you should survive for a very long time to benefit from time bonus. If you are to be caught by a traitor, it would be the advantage not to remain rage quince, but in the lobby. Since a premature leaving the lobby of the XP loss threatens.

As a traitor, you should pull the match as far as possible in the length and then win. In the optimal case, you get per round whopping 17,000 points that can really be seen – for low effort.

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More smaller tips:

In Battle-Royal mode, many boxes open, eliminate many players and immediately pick up objects
Discover remaining undiscovered places
Complete the headlines to unlock gold and XP
Separate ordinary tasks of the NPCs

Did you like this guide? What do you think about the new quest system? Do you keep him confusing and bad? Or can you find that exactly such a system should have come much earlier? Let s know the comments!