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NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards

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Nvidia has a new Game-ready driver for GeForce graphics cards released (472.12). The updated driver can be downloaded at Nvidia, or via GeForce Experience.

The graphics driver optimized for Windows 11 and for the following games: Alan Wake Remastered (DLSS) Deathloop, Diablo 2: Resurrected, Far Cry 6, Hot Wheels Unleashed, Industria (DLSS and raytracing shadows + reflections), New World, Severed Steel (DLSS and raytracing reflections) and World War Z: Aftermath.

About the remaster of Alan Wake Nvidia writes that reach every GeForce GPU RTX (…) with enabled Nvidia DLSS 60 FPS at maximum settings in 4K is. The driver adds support for the new Deep-learning anti-aliasing mode (DLAA) which is activated on the Elder Scrolls Online test server today.

Split gate and Deathloop also rely on Nvidia reflex for latency reduction. Four other gaming mice, meanwhile, offer reflective support: HyperX pulses Fire Haste Gaming Mouse, ROCCAT burst Core, Roccat Kone Roccat Kone Pro and Pro Air.

Using other games that DLSS via plug-in for the Unreal Engine include:

Anatomy Of Fear
Apocalypse: 2.0 Edition
Beyond Enemy Lines 2
Bodies of Water VR
ChronoTecture: The Eprologue
Cions of Vega
Death Realm
Deep States [VR]
Exit From
Case Balance Ball
Frozen Home
Hell Space 5D6
Last Hope On Earth

Deep Learning: Beyond the Hype
Mortal Online 2
Powerslide Legends
RAZE 2070
Reficul 666
Soul Dossier
To Hell With It

Twin Stones: The Journey of Bukka
Uncrashed: FPV Drone Simulator
Unknown Woods
Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand

GeForce Experience was supplemented with additional optimal settings :

Bravely Default 2
Myst (2021)
NBA 2K 22
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari No Kiseki
Twelve Minutes
Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt