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Beat heat with these refreshing independent video game demos

The 2018 Summer Youth Olympics (Spanish: Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud de 2018), formally understood as the III Summer Young People Olympic Gamings, as well as frequently recognized as Buenos Aires 2018, were an international sporting activities, cultural, as well as academic event kept in Buenos Aires, Argentina between 6 and 18 October 2018. They were the first Young people Olympic Gamings held outside of Eurasia, and also the very first Summer Games held beyond Asia and the initial to be held in the Western as well as Southern hemispheres. It was the 2nd Olympic Gamings kept in South America after the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

4 XBOX Summer Games Fest Independent Games I really dug

The Xbox Summer Games Fest Demonstration event started last Tuesday by filing more than 70 demos for the next independent games on the Microsoft Store. It s a lot of demos, and even if I would have liked all playing them, I must also sleep, eat and do other things to stay alive, which takes a lot of time. So, I chose four titles that stitched my interest to go out for a whirlwind, and here s what I thought about it!

The Book of Adventum demo does a great job by asking questions about its world – an abandoned industrial wasteland populated by automatons and you, a associate of the inventor guild . In this short game excerpt, you are responsible for repairing a transmitting tag to access an underground installation on Thunderhead Point Island. It is very clearly inspired by science-fiction shooters focused on the beginning of the early 2000s, and has its influences on its pouch with references to Bioshock and Half-Life at the sight of all. The enemy automatons you will vaguely recall the mechanical soldiers of Dishonored 2, and the fighting can intensify quite quickly, although the commands of the game tend to hinder the fluidity that it may try to reach. I found myself continually interrupting the action trying to sprinter, because pressing the left joystick shows the arms menu, which is also somewhat jerky. In fact, I found myself struggling with orders throughout the demo. The B button deletes the HUD (or as the game calls it, Goggle Glass) without any discernable reason, and turn on the flashlight involves pressing B and the left bumper at the same time. The use of objects is limited to an inventory menu accessible only by putting the game paused, which is certainly a mechanism that it is better to leave in the past. Overall, the story and the world of the game seem intriguers, but its deliberately dated conception can prevent me from drilling its secrets.

Book of Adventum has no release date yet and it is difficult to basically find anything about it online apart from the existence of this demo. I guess it s prudent to assume it will be available for Xbox One every time he will come out.

My interest was stung by the weird teaser of Genesis Noir and his unique artistic style, but I found that none of them was particularly representative of what I was going to live by playing this demo – which is Honestly a magic thing. It opens on a brief explanation of cosmic background radiation, which allows scientists to listen to the time of the Big Bang and to compose a chronology of the birth of the Universe, and you start right away on the -Hamp at the beginning of all things. Throughout the demo, you will explore a city through Cartoon-style cinematographic point-and-click segments that turn into improvised jazz sessions with musicians you will encounter along the way. It seems a lot to take, but the game does a great job by keeping it simple and engaging.

Now I did not read the summary on the shop page, so my interpretation of the game intrigue was: You play as a grass jazz musician who is making a way in the world. In fact, it seems to me that I missed the target – here is the actual description of the game on the Microsoft Store page: A black adventure through time and space. When a love triangle between cosmic beings becomes a bitter confrontation, you will attend a shot pulled by a jealous God – otherwise known as Big Bang. Jump in the expanding world and look for a way to destroy the creation and save your love.

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In another chronology, it could be a game Hideo Kojima.

Genesis Noir has no release date yet, but should be available on PC, Mac and Xbox One.

It s hard for me to do justice how great this game is, but here s: Raji: An Ancient Epic is an absolutely hard action-adventure game taking place in ancient India who, if he received the treatment AAA that he deserves, would probably be the God of the war of this year. He tells the story of a young carnival artist chosen by the gods to fight hordes of demons after kidnapped his younger brother, who is told through vignettes of puppet shows and harnesses of Durga and Vishnu. This game is stupid and beautiful, with an absolutely beautiful artistic direction and breathtaking environments that will absolutely inspire you the desire to travel. In the demo, the fight does not become too deep, but you will certainly feel like a hard to cook the demons with Trishula de Durga impregnated with lightning powers while returning walls and trolleys. My only scruple with this game is its pseudo-isometric camera because it does not do justice at the scale of environments and finally in history itself. I definitely think that this game would benefit from a more dynamic camera during the game, and a more cinematic camera at certain times evoking Bollywood s signature melodrama. That being said, I understand (or at least I suppose) that this presentation is due to the limits of the budget of the developers, the calendar or both. It s a game that I will certainly see until the end once it will come out, and I hope that many others will do it too.

Raji: An Ancient Epic has no release date yet, but will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The new shiny remaster of Destroy All Humans clearly indicates that it is just that from the start with a warning that although experience has been improved, the content and historical records of the original invasion of the Furnigns remain almost identical. Clone. It s a lot more disturbing than exciting, because the standards have changed a lot over the past 15 years since the original release. Opening cinematics (as brilliant) definitely show the age of the game, in particular in its attempts of humor. The gameplay seems a little tighter and more intuitive than on the most recent ports of the original title, but does not finally be reflected in being particularly exciting. Destroy humanity seems almost passive in comfort From your space vessel, but on the ground, it is always fun to use psychokinesia to throw shabby humans in the stratosphere. Overall, I think that If THQ really wanted to revive this franchise, it might have been wiser to try something fresh and again. The purchase of nostalgia for this game will probably be a tighter niche that planned, and I have a hard time believing that modern young people will see the attraction I ve been 13 years old.

Destroy All Humans invaded the Earth on July 28th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia.

Have you tried one of the independent demos currently available on Xbox One? Do you find gems that you think we should check? Let us know in the comments!