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Price increase at AMD Nvidia graphics cards are still more expensive

Bad news for PC players and those who want to be: While over the summer, the prices for graphics cards slowly went down, get started again. The sought-after graphics accelerators are again more expensive – both models of AMD and NVIDIA are affected.

AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards are again more expensive

A few weeks ago, it looked like that as we would be able to buy the EIA at the end of 2021 graphics cards from Nvidia for the first time. But this rosy future is back from the table. The prices on the German graphics card market have risen well in recent weeks .

While the selling price of NVIDIAS RTX-3000 cards on average only 50 percent above the EIA, are now at a surcharge of 70 percent . The price development of the AMD models should also prepare hardware enthusiasts abdominal pain. During the same period, the selling price of the Radeon RX-6000 models increased from 53 percent to 74 percent above the EIA (Source: 3DCenter).

Why do the graphics card prices rise again?

A clear answer is not available on this question, but the 3DCenter s experts assume that the strong price decline in the summer was a seasonal effect . During this period, many pandemic restrictions were loosened in this country, so people spent more time outside than before the computer. That would also explain why prices are slowly rising again after the hot summer months. The interest is slowly greater again, but the range of graphics cards is not.

The opposite even seems to be the case – especially at the top model of Nvidia. The GeForce RTX 3090 has set one of the biggest price jumps . While the GPU was last sold for only 29 percent above the RVP, this value increased within the last three weeks to 59 percent above the EIA.


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Robert Kohlick

If one believes the assessment of the experts, it could certainly be that the prices for winter continue to rise . In the cold months of the year, the interest in a gaming PC is likely to be greatest – especially at this time, most blockbuster games appear. Well possible so that graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia are still more expensive. We will keep you up to date.