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Quake in the test That s what the remaster of the shooter

We are now used to the fact that we get lost on the game\” title=”consoles and after the senior” rel=”nofollow”>consoles and after the senior games. But that Publisher is now already beaten for 21 years to program an implementation, then something too much of the good!

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Classic in New guise

Fun aside: The shooter classic Quake is likely to know pretty much everyone. Finally, the 1996 already appeared and laid the second foundation stone for id software exceptional position in the early days of the genre. And punctually for the 25th anniversary of the game, Bethesda announced at the Quakecon mid-August not only a Remaster edition of the game, but also released them on the same day. Nice surprise!

Every now and then you also meet on bosses and miniboses. They are tactically no longer challenging, but share well and stuck even better. Source: PC Games But what is it all? You embodies a soldier named Ranger (no, not the shoe of the manitu) and must be the mysterious name-giving quake (now buy € 50.06 / 8.99 €) that threatens the earth. Why? Because the military plays again with dimensional sports and has sacked evil powers. A typical video game Wednesday. However, there is no more story. The game uses the premise to stage varied levels. There are lava-related demon levels reminiscent of the great brother doom, but also those with fantasy touch, in which their gothic fortresses roamed, knights combat and steals against cthulhu-like boss opponents.

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One after another? Nope!

What is worse than a huge scorpion? A huge robot scorpion, which is equipped with machine guns! After all, he only stops a few hits. Source: PC Games As a starting point for these streaks, each of the five campaigns contained a hub serves in which you can select the levels. In addition to the basic game divided into four episodes, the Remaster still contains the two official, classic add-ons Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity . In addition, this is no longer staged by the origin developers Dimension of the Past , which was distributed to the players for the players for the 20th quake birthday in 2016. His developer Machinegames also sat down again and converted a fourth add-on called Dimension of the Machine . Overall, there are more than 80 missions to choose from – and that is meant literally, because in the Remaster you can not only play through chronologically, but also individually select individually from the beginning.

The levels of the new Dimension of the Machine campaign make
Relatively a bit more ago, especially in the lighting. Source: PC Games of course, of course, the multiplayer part, where IH can turn through the campaign in four in co-pop mode, no matter whether via splits screen or online. Alternatively, you crashes you in classic Deathmatches for up to eight players, but the number of open lots was rather manageable in our test phase and associated with waiting times – and despite the crossSplay with PC, PlayStation and Xbox! If you do not feel like it, you can also create your own matches and play with friends by P2P. That s all very exemplary that here is a big community, but we keep unlikely. Larger hope, however, we use the menu item add-ons , under which you can download more, officially supported fan mods and extensions. Currently you can only quake 64 – select the Nintendo-64 version of the primary game – more free add-ons should follow in the next few days and weeks.

A question of technology

Of course, but of course, you should not expect miraculous things from the Quake Remaster. Playfully, you will be offered here a 25-year-old shooter, which is still wonderful, but also very old bakes comes away. The game is fast and hectic, but not too tactical. The control is well on the controller that has been adapted to joycons and even the gyrosensor, but for today s circumstances just pretty spongy. And even if the game is scaled at 1080p (on the PC even 4k!) And was upgraded with chic extras such as ambient occlusion or new lighting effects, it just looks very pixelated. If you still feel like an unmodern, but really good shooter, however, you can easily access.

My opinion

FromSascha Lohmüller
Editorial manager
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For fans of the series and all those who are interested in video game history

It is quite clear about which customers the Remaster of Quake is directed: to those who already know the original or at least came into contact with older shooters. Because despite all optical gapes and efforts that have been incorporated here: really pretty, the game after 25 years does not look no longer out. That one shows a fortnite disciple, such as John behind the Tofu oven, I dare to doubt. For fans of the original or just player who have no problems with something old-baked shooters, the Remaster is a really great, Proppend package. Shoot themselves through all 80+ levels and possibly stress all secrets, should be busy for a while. And thanks to Koop Part, the currently unfortunately somewhat orphaned Deathmatch area and the announced add-ons should be added even more employment. I was definitely fun again.

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Quake in the test: The BUTS OF THE REMASTER OF THE SHOOTER CLASSICS (1) [Source: PC Games]

From Sascha Lohmüller
Editorial manager
25.09.2021 at 11:30