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Demo Game Festival Steam NeXT FET October 1

The valve holds Steam Next Fest (Steam Next Fest) between the next month (local time).

Steam NeXT Fest is a large festival that is periodically opened from December 2019 as an event that can display the release of the launch of the launch of the release and the Gamers can directly experience hundreds of PC games. This year s first fest was held in June, and 700 decomputers have been shown.

In this Pest introduction video, which was released through the steam official YouTube channel, Airhead (AIRHEAD), Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer s Legacy), Ano: Some of the Mterasher Along with the expectation demo gameplay screen, there was information that the developer live stream, interview and opportunities to talk directly with the game developer.

The detail schedule of the steam NeXT fest in October and the number of participation games is not yet public, and the valve shows the event through its own live broadcast on October 1. It is possible to register notifications for NeXT FEST real time on the steam homepage.