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Layree era comes in 2025 Aiming for ARNOLD s appearance in NVIDIA Falcor Repo CEDEC 2021

Layre s Game Graphics, Little Footage Little Little Game Graphics, Literre, Introducing Ray Tracing Efforts in Bandainham Costa The session was conducted easily quickly and quickly the next-generation quality real-time physical-based lighting in NVIDIA Falcor.

The launcher is the Graphics Engineer Morigo Morigo, Bandainham Costadio, and Mr. Masaki Masako Suzuki and Mr. Hiroshi Masako Masakami, and Ta Part 4 of the TA Part. Autodesk s AUTODESK s ARNOLD and NVIDIA s FALCOR comparison and settings, and we will deliver a report of the session such as setting.

Game Graphics has evolved from Packman in the 2D period, and after the evolution of the photoreal 3D of Tekken 7 , in 2025, for athletic age, it will be for a late ray tracing era, and then real time It is a past racing era. So far, the lighting of placing a lot of light sources and the shielding of the object and the shielding of the object was not very bright, but the Layrey era graphic is brighter by reflecting the light, and it is easy to adjust the lighting. From the fact that the burden on the artist is also small.

Game graphics have been great, but the graphics of the Leyny era will be better. Until now, expressions that can only be AUTODESK can be realized in real time. In addition to photorial representation, it has been added as well as a good result in the non-photorial cell shedding title.

It is known that ray tracing produces photorealed light representations, but it is not just the benefit of graphic plane. There are multiple benefits as in the content of the slide, and the artist burden is lowered and the development cycle is more simpler.

Ray (Ray) Tracing and Path (Optical path) The difference in the field of tracing is good at the ray tray, so it is good at the expression of specular reflection because it is a ray, but Pastle is a diffuse reflection and it is good at expressing the light. Here we use NVIDIA Falcor Ray Tracing. Falcor has a feature that can be drawn in real time just by placing and connecting the drawing path.

Verification Scene

Verification presents the flow of test scene and the type of data that can be output from Maya. In addition, when you arrange the rendering results in Arnold and Falcor, you will notice that although it is not clear, although it is not clear, it will notice that the output difference is out of detail.

Design and Implementation of Lighting

As mentioned in the description of the slide, it may be described that many experiments have been made around the world, as they do not fit if all light sources are sampled for real-time realization of shadows. matter. Mesh Lights is relatively decomposed into a triangle and it seems to have a light source. Sun Light tried the FrostBite method, but it is DISC LIGHT that only a very small unit was correct.

Verification of lighting and introducing physical units

Next is the verification of lighting and the introduction of physical units. There is an appropriate unit for lighting, the light flux density of the sun itself is huge, but it decays to about 150,000 lx before falling from the distance to the sun, the atmosphere etc. It is necessary to consider that the sun has to exist as an entity in Layrey.

The methods used in verification are examined in a force like a past race and Comparations in a known formula and compared to renderer (this time Arnold) . In Verification of Past Race , the algorithm is simple and Simulation of diffuse reflection only . Also, Arnold s cameras and lights are also verified, and it is mentioned that it behaves.

Arnold Materials

Also, in the middle of verification, there are also places where you are not working well in the Course Tex and Normal Map of Arnold Materials. Course Tex is a funny issue solved by creating an Autodesk support by making a shadow. Also, the problem that the normal map is not displayed properly is also confirmed, and it is added as it will be corrected in the future .

Drawing Path

Transmitted light of ray tracing in drawing path. Internal scattering utilizes those approximated by hybrid rendering, and it does not obtain accurate output results, but it is explained that it has a resulting result.

De Noise

Denoise validates NRD and SVGF, and AMD FIDELITY Shadow Denoiser. NRD seems to be almost almost denoyed with 1080p / 60 fps or higher in RTX 2070. In addition, if Denoiz Lag occurs, it is possible to change it to the high performance RTX3080 due to a framed fall.

Test driving development

Test driving development is rotating in a five-step cycle. This is something that is multiple people, and if it is functional, you can play in advance if there is a problem with the merge request, or earn a degradation worse than before.

Real-time lighting

Performance and quality improvement of real-time lighting, write baking and write probes are involved in improving quality to improve performance.


LIGHTMAP is still an effective means for static meshes. Falcor is originally imported by only one UV, only one feature for write maps should be provided, and it needs to be extended as needed. When I made a light map baker, it seems that I encountered the same problem as the age when I was baked by CPU. In AI-based doisys, it is said that even if you try to reduce noise by another method (such as Gaussian filter) before doisys, it says that it may not work well.

Real-time global lighting (GI)

Indirect lighting refers to the two-order reflection of light, global lighting refers to reflection in a wider space. In the real-time challenge, light and shadows will leak to space approximation. It seems that what is calculated in real time and what calculations will end. Multiscale lighting is anxious of open world titles, and the scale of CM to M and Km is mixed with one screen, and it is not in time if it is fragmented in Layre. Light Bake to cope with them seems to be under development.


Real-time 2 screens (in Game, In Engine) have to continue to come to artists and engineers, and we want to continue in the future as they are further communicating. In future efforts, we prepared two GPUs and to finish 2-screen simultaneous optimization and performance evaluation in the game console, STYLIZE and open world.