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New World Publishing Time Property Details Installation Size and more

There were many conversations about New World, a MMO developed by Amazon. It plays in the seventeenth century, where you can explore new countries to explore them as their own and ward out enemies that want to challenge their rule. Although Amazon s push into the gaming area is promising, New World has experienced a number of delays that some players may have confused, which can play the state of the game and when they can play it. Fortunately, in this manual, the publication time, pre-download details, the installation size and more for New World will be described.

New World Publishing Time

After countless delays, New World has received September 28, 2021 as a release date. According to the developers, the delay was necessary to implement the improvements suggested in the closed beta of the game. Servers are started at different times in different regions, which can be a bit confusing. The servers are started at the following times:

Australia – 21:00 Aest
US west – 08:00 o clock PDT
USA EAST – 08:00 EDT
me – 08:00 clock mesz
South America – 08:00 BRT

New World Pre-Load

If you bought New World, preloading the game will be available from 27 September. Preload opens from 08:00 pt. When New World is preinstalled, you can play as soon as the servers go live on 28th September. According to the minimum requirements on the official website of the NewN world, at least 50 GB are needed to download the game.

Does New World need a subscription?

Unlike most MMOS, New World will not run on a subscription-based service. Instead, you only need to buy the base game once. At the start, three versions of the game are offered for sale. These include the standard edition for $ 39, the Deluxe Edition for $ 49 and a SteelBook Edition in Limited Edition.

Although there is no subscription, the game offers the opportunity to make purchases in the game. If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, you will receive regular access to many free content. This starts on the day of publication with Prime Gaming members who receive free pirate packages with an exclusive pirate skin and an emote in pirate font.

What kind of gameplay can you expect?

As Attack of the Fanboy has already described, New World starts as a player s leader, so they can slowly rise and gain experience. The fights available include team-based PVP matches and a 50-to-50 war mode for epic battles. The servers will take on a thousand players simultaneously, and the developers have prepared several servers on the continents.

There are also dungeons to explore, the secrets of the island of Aerneum reveal and to discover plenty of prey. Exploration, crafting and collecting resources are also important gameplay elements. Those who want to immerse yourself in a fantasy world will be pleased to know that the game offers RPG elements and character adjustments.

New World is available for PC from 28.09.2021.