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New Ghostbusters game from the developers of Friday The 13th

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Illfonic Working On A Ghostbusters Game!! - Can They Handle It?

The makers of Friday The 13th work on a new Ghostbusters game. This comes from an interview in the recent issue of the Questlove Supreme podcast. There Raphael Saadiq s speech and answer was one of the founders of the developer studio Illfonic. When the gaming theme came to language during the conversation, Saadiq explained that Illfonic currently working on Ghostbusters – without calling more details.

Therefore, it is not more specifically known to what kind of play it is and how far its development is already progressed. On November 18, 2021, the new movie Ghostbusters Legacy (known as Ghostbusters: Afterlife known) in the cinemas. Accordingly, the assumption is suggested that the game of Illfonic could be an adaptation of this film template. Should this be the case, however, in the near future, the corresponding marketing machinery would have to start to benefit from Hype around the cinema adventure.

The Developer Studio Illfonic has previously made a name for itself mainly with multiplayer games. Among other things, Friday The 13th and Predator: Hunting Grounds come from this team. Therefore, it would be conceivable that the new Ghostbusters game could increase in a multiplayer component. It would be possible about a cooperative ghost hunt in which some of the players act as a ghost hunter, while another player has to go into the role of a spirit and must defend themselves.

Source: Questlove Supreme Podcast

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