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FIFA Guide 22 On Watch All Fut22 Promises

The first set of promise cards reaches fut22 , and that makes FIFA star mode even more interesting 22: Unlike other items, assessments and skills of players to watch increase Every time they look for the team of the week . And that affects both its price in the transfer market as its performance in the field.

The best example we have it with Locatelli , who entered with 82 on average and, after appearing at this week s totw has rounded the assessment of him to 82. It will be very interesting to see how the promise cards of c . Ronaldo, Verane or Griezmann From here a few months.

Since it could not be otherwise, in V Idaextra We have gathered All the Fut22 promise cards In the same place and, already posts, we detail in an image all its attribute details. We have already updated the Locatelli and we are looking forward to doing the same with the rest.

Next, the ones to watch, all the promises of FUT22

C. Ronaldo (DC) with value 91

Griezmann (DC) with value 85

Varane (DFC) with value 86

Alaba (DFC) with value 84

Bailey (MD) with value 82

Delaney (MCD) with value 81

Upamecan (DFC) with value 82

Saul (MC) with value 82

Locatelli (MCD) with value 84

MALEN (DC) with value 80

Hakimi (LD) with value 85

Berghuis (ED) with value 81

Grealish (EI) with value 84

Dumfries (LD) with value 82

By periodically, FIFA 22 adds letters one to watch and increases the means already added through the totw . In FIFA Guide we will update the cards shown in the future. Good luck with your promise hunt!

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