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The rumor wants the PlayStation announces a remake of the big game this Christmas

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Playstation could announce a remake of one of their great games this Christmas. Folk Eabha McMahon singer has just revealed that she has been called to record an Irish language theme for a big game. At the time of writing, we do not know exactly what will this game be.

I recently wrote a song for a game PlayStation with Michael McGlynn , confirmed McMahon. We write music for a remake of a game PlayStation . Mcglenn has been involved in a variety of Playstation remakes and it has recently been revealed that he was working with Yasunori Mitsuda, a composer who had worked for the Xeno Franchise Studio, Shadow Hearts and Chrono.

It does it a lot , added McMahon. It has written a lot for different games very well known, but I m not a player myself.

It will actually be announced at Christmas, the name of the game , continued McMahon. I have heard now and I confirmed that it s a big game, which is great.

For the moment, PlayStation seems to have no expected events for Christmas. The only event currently known where a large advertisement could potentially be made would be the Game Awards 2021, which will be an event in person scheduled for December 9.

PlayStation users still do not know what this big game remake could be, but they have clues to work. The collaboration of Mitsuda with McGlynn has sparked speculations that the great game in question could be Xenogears, that Square Enix originally released for the PlayStation consoles in 1998. Just in August, Mitsuda shared a photo of his daughter and Mcglenn preparing apparently to happen and make music together remotely.

Mcglenn s previous work with the team behind Xenoblade could have trained other work with the Japanese developer, which is related to previous reports that several Silent Hill games are currently being developed from a important workshop. That said, fans think that a Gaelic song is a suitable choice for a remake of this framework.

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