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The developer of Hell Let Loose was from the PS5 dualSense

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Since its introduction to the PS Plus series in October 2021 Last week, Bright Let Loose was praised for his haptic feedback from PS5 dualsense. However, it turns out that the main developer of the game, black matter did not even work and the team is surprised as his development partner, Flix, showed them what it had worked.

In fact, the CEO of Black Matter, Max Rea, experienced the function of the new generation for the first time during the most recent test phase. I have experienced [Haptic Feedback] Recently in the closed test and it is absolutely phenomenal, says Rea opposite The PC Player 24. Apparently he had the team of Flix, which in a series of other third-party titles like Sea of Thieves and Zombie Army 4 worked, said that it could be with the dualSense controller so creative , as it wanted, and that he was boned from the result.

While the team currently refines some of the haptic feedback, the use is incredible. Currently, players can feel the explosions around themselves and let the bolt of their weapon glide through their hands, which intended Flix in the development of haptic feedback functionality.

It s amazing how successful you were to create something outstanding, says Rea and adds that the feature is almost on another level compared to other PS5 games.

If you want to experience the haptic feedback yourself, Hell Leet Loose is now free with PS plus for PS5.

Black Matter says that participation in service offers players a low entrance barrier for the tactical shooter, but admits that the lack of a tutorial is both for the developer and new players a sustained frustration.