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Diablo 2 Resurrected increased login and server

In recent days, there were increasingly login and server problems with Diablo 2: Resurrected on PC and consoles – including lost character progress, which was, according to Blizzard but the exception and on a few minutes. The Customer Service of Blizzard Entertainment regularly informed about Twitter s location and now the community manager in the English Forum has published a very detailed report on the difficulties. Problems and bottlenecks of the server architecture are explained and overloading the central, global database mentions. At the same time it states that the game behavior of current users would strongly stand out from the behavior of the players 20 years ago and the old code base (e.g., when creating online games) is not prepared. Thanks to many Content Creator , it would give much more players, the Baal Runs for XP or other specialized runs ( Pindleskin, Ancient Sewers etc. Runs for Magic Find ) companies, many of which for a large database load Creating, loading and finishing games would provide faster. Although we have foreseen this (…), we have underestimated the scope we derived from the beta tests, says it.

To reduce the server rush and possible overloads, the server architecture should be cleared or optimized and further measures are made. This includes limiting new lots (e.g., do not create two parts within 20 seconds; Example: Pindleskin Runs ) as a time-limited measure. Also a queue as in World of Warcraft or New World is planned to avoid failures at weddings. This login queue has already been implemented in the backend (at the moment it looks like a failed authentication in the client) and is available on the PC from today. The console update should follow in the next few days. In addition, the server services should be divided into many small services in the future.

D2R – AS Part of Our Continued Investigation Into The Issues Over The Past Few Days, Our Team Will Be Activeely Monitoring and Reacting To The Situation During Peak Play Times and There May Be Periods Where Logins Or Game Creation ARE LIMITED.

  • Blizzard CS EU (@blizzardcseu en) October 13, 2021