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Valve forbids NFT and Blockchain games but Epic agrees with them

Valve has decided to prohibit all Steam s Blockchain games, including Age of Rust. Age of Rust is a Blockchain game that uses NFTs or non-fungible chips as a success every time its players resolve the riddles of the game.

It a few minutes ago, we were informed that Steam would delete all the Blockchain games from the platform, including Age of Rust, because NFTs have value, wrote Developer Age of Rust, Spacepirate Games. In the scenes, we had good communication and were frank with Steam .

Valve has rules that discuss what can be distributed on Steam. It now includes a note that all applications built on Blockchain technology will no longer be published on the platform because these applications will be mit or authorize the exchange of crypto-currencies or NFT . NFT has been specifically designed as a registration on the blockchain of crypto-currency that represents certain elements of digital media. Since they started to be used last year, they have been very controversial and have even been linked to scams.

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The Steam s point of view is that the objects have a value and they do not allow objects that can have a real value on their platform , continued the Developers of Age of Rust in their statement. Bien that I respect their choice, I basically believe that NFTs and Blockchain are the future.

Initially, other platforms seemed to follow the step, the chief of Epic, Tim Sweeney, confirming last month that they do not touch the NFT because the entire domain is currently entangled in an insoluble mix of scams . Now, however, Sweeney seemed to have changed his mind.

Epic Games Store will host the games that use Blockchain technology provided they meet applicable laws, disclose their conditions and are classified by age by a suitable group, wrote Sweeney. We welcome innovation in the fields of technology and finance.

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