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Smartphone rhythm game D4DJ GROovy MIX 1st anniversary event 1st Anniv Groovy fes Furthermore new features are also implemented

The Edo duration (江戸時代, Edo jidai) or Tokugawa duration (徳川時代, Tokugawa jidai) is the period in between 1603 and also 1867 in the background of Japan, when Japan was under the regulation of the Tokugawa shogunate and the country s 300 regional daimyo. Emerging from the disorder of the Sengoku duration, the Edo duration was identified by economic development, rigorous social order, isolationist diplomacies, a secure population, continuous peace, and also popular satisfaction of arts and culture. The shogunate was formally developed in Edo (currently Tokyo) on March 24, 1603, by Tokugawa Ieyasu. The period pertained to an end with the Meiji Restoration on May 3, 1868, after the fall of Edo.

Both Road Co., Ltd. was informed that Donuts Co., Ltd. and a joint development smartphone rhythm game D4DJ Groovy MIX was informed of the first anniversary in October 25th.

BuSirode Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nakano Ward, Representative Director: Kenji Hashimoto: Headquartered Bushiroad) Co., Ltd. (Head office: Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nishimura Keisu) and Joint Development Rhythm game D4DJ Groovy Mix (hereinafter referred to as Gummyk) has reached its first anniversary on October 25th.

The first anniversary promotion movie of today is introduced by the newly challenging story and the six unit of 6 units, and the new feature information. In commemoration of the first anniversary, we will hold the event 1st Anniv. Groovy Fes.

October 25, 2021 Gloomk is the first anniversary!

Smartphone rhythm game D4DJ Groovy MIX

2021.10.25 1st Anniversary!

Gloomy has already been gradeed up ♪

Download is here:

[Gloomy 1st Anniversary] 1st Anniversary Promotion Movie Released!

PV that commemorates the first anniversary is released in YouTube D4DJ Channel !

▼ Watch is here!
[Gloomy 1st Anniversary] 1st Anniversary Promotion Movie

Finally the Chapter 2 starts!

Implementation songs topped 300 songs!
Let s play a rhythm game with your own cover or original song ♪

New Feature Floor Challenge

Floor Challenge is a new feature that allows for a large live with up to 16 members.

Members of the same character can be organized at the same time, and the degree of freedom of unit formation is overwhelming!

In addition, it has become a stage clear type that can be played many times without consuming voltages.

New Feature Costume Change

Set up costumes for each character, and change the costumes of members who appear in live, club, home etc!

Change the member to your favorite costumes and enjoy Gloomy more.

News Pack LivePass

In addition to being able to release almost all songs during implementation, LivePass limited function medley connection check function and live reimbreed function!

Special training
When members are duplicated due to a gacha, a new item memory that can be used for special training is now available.

In addition, Memory of members acquired in the past duplicate will also be distributed in the present box!

Held Gloomy 1st Anniversary Special Log Inn Campaign that you can get up to 6,000 characters!

During the login campaign, you can get a maximum of 6000 diamonds with a total of 4 days of Glimm for a total of 4 days!

Day 1: 1000 Diamond
Day 2: 1000 Diamond
Day 3: 1000 Diamond
Day 4: 3000 Diamond

Holding period

October 22nd October 22 (Fri) 0:00 to November 5 (Fri) 23:59

※ The spending period of the campaign may be changed without notice.

There are many other measures to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Gloomy!

For more details, check the 1st anniversary special site or Gloomye official site for Gloomk!

Gloomic official site new information summary

Gloomic 1st Anniversary Site

Gloomy 1st Anniversary Event 1st Anniv. Groovy Fes. Held!

The Raid Event 1st Anniv. Groovy FeS. is an event that collects the event PT and competing to the rankings.

Increase the tension of the rival unit with all the event participants and win the live battle.

Event holding period

October 25, 2021 (Mon) 12:00 to November 1 (Mon) 20:59

Event Interlocking Campaign Boss Track Achieve Number of Diamond Present Campaign simultaneously held!


During the event holding time, the same number of diamonds as the total number of times of MAX tension was distributed to all subjects who have achieved acquisition conditions at the time of event result announcement.

Specifically, please check the announcement in Gumiquit.

Campaign period

October 25, 2021 (Mon) 12: 00-November 1 (Mon) 23:59

※ The event campaign period may be changed without notice.

Gloomic 1st Anniversary Audition Gacha Held!

New Gacha Audition Gacha is different from normal 10 series gacha that consumes diamonds and tickets, and then 10 consecutive gacha will be pulled for free 10 times, consuming items and selecting your favorite gacha results It is a gacha.

Don t miss this opportunity to be easier to get your favorite members.

Holding period

October 25, 2021 (Mon) 0:00 to November 3 (Wed) 11:59

※ The holding period may be changed without notice.

Unit Story Chapter 2 Interlocking Original Music!

Happy Around! Special original music produced according to the Chapter 2 Scenario appeared!

Let s enjoy with the story of Chapter 2 ♪

Lyrics: 安
Composition: Toshiro
Comprehension: Xelik

D4DJ Groovy Mix Overview

A total of 300 songs of music for a wide range of music such as remix cover songs, BGM, etc.

You can enjoy DJ feeling in medley mode that can be played with multiple favorite songs!

A game of the new charm of the character is also interested in the original story and the abundant card illustration!

Official site: Official Twitter: gm App Store:

project overview

Media Mix Content D4DJ with the theme of DJ !

The theme of connect will be delivered in various ways, such as animation games and voice actors.

Six units of the original song by 24 characters and the remix cover of the masterpiece, and a variety of music is being sent.

The number of successful famous songs is now connected, connecting people beyond gender and age, connecting characters to real ……

Well, I will connect to the new world that starts with D!

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