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New World Players complain about steadily declining player numbers

Amazon s new MMORPG New World has now been on the market for almost four weeks. For publication on September 28, 2021, the title explores both the first place of Steam charts as well as the tip of the streaming platform Twitch. The highest number of activated players achieved New World with 913,634 players then a few days later.

What about the popularity of New World?

In the meantime, the MMO was detached into the Steam charts and is currently in place with just under 300,000 players. On place 1 could beat again Counter-Strike: globally offensive, with more than 700,000 simultaneous players.

Also lost the title on Twitch numerous spectators. So the game is now only in 10th the most watched titles with an audience of about 60,000 people. Much of this is probably the popular Streamer Shroud ready.

In the official forums of New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) made a user with the name Tengri attention to the dwindling popularity of the new MMOS. According to him, the moderators of the forum are probably not a big fan of his post, as they allegedly delete each thread in which one article of the Forbes page is linked.

According to Forbes, the title requires a content roadmap as soon as possible, so player does not lose interest in the title. However, it could already be too late, as many German players currently complain about a motivation hole. About Stage 40, some players simply lose interest in the new MMO.

Does New World lose his players?

The actual number of players do not reflect this yet. For some time, New World is holding average 300,000 players. Early in the morning about 200,000 users are online, against evening it will be up to 500,000 players. At the record of a narrow million, New World is no longer approaching, but this is the case with most playing.

Users of the official forums do not agree with the post office, as it is normal for many of this drop in the game numbers of a MMORPG. Furthermore, some users write that game figures could rise again when Amazon Games adjusted all bugs and frustrating mechanics.

In addition, the publication of the MMOS Elyon on Steam did not hurt the number of players from New World. This could be because the two MMOs respond to a completely different target group.

Whether New World continues to hold the average 300,000 players will probably show as soon as a few new content has been added to the game. For example, DataMiners have already found that a new magic gun should come into play with the Void Gauntlet and also there will be a few daggers as a weapon for all Stealth enthusiasts.

From Daniel Link
25.10.2021 at 17:44