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NVIDIA New mining graphics card costs over 4 400 US

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Last month, Nvidia has introduced a new graphics card flagship specializing in the mining area. Now a first dealer has included the CMP 170HX in its assortment. Vipera from Dubai wants to have $ 4,435 for the GPU. Thus, the graphics card is just twice as expensive as the current prices for NVIDIAS RTX 3090 \ – the flagship in the gaming sector.

Graphics card specifically for data mining

At the moment, the CMP 170HX is not offered in the west yet. Also first dealer in Japan have now recorded the cryptocard for sale. Nearly 500 units have been able to sell Vipera in the last hours. Nvidia has introduced the GPU series to offer miners a better alternative for their crypto transactions so that graphics cards of the RTX series are not used by them.

Within the CMP 170HX are 70 streaming multiprocessors, which bring it to a total of 4,480 CUDA cores. For operation, a PCIe 4.0 x 4 connection is required. A connection to a screen is not possible. A curly BIOS also ensures that Overclocking and Undervolting are not possible with the graphics card series.

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From Dominik Zwingmann
25.10.2021 at 15:17