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Back 4 Blood will make improvements to solo mode

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Only a few hours are missing for the global launch of Back 4 Blood, however, this is a game that you should play yes or yes with friends. The above we say it because here at Supply Points we were already playing, and we can confirm that its way single-player is extremely forgotten.

Why do we say this? To begin with, playing with artificial intelligence is nothing fun, and second, because it is practically impossible to progress when you play on your own. The following message appears when you throw the Single-Player mode:

Maps and objectives will be adjusted. The pairing and player invitations are deactivated. Get Supply Points is deactivated. Your statistics will not be registered. All progress you make for achievements is deactivated.

So, as you can see, playing alone does not offer any kind of progression. The good news is that your developers are already working on a solution to all this:

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Cleaners attention!

We have heard your frustrations regarding the progression in solitary way and we are working on ways to fix the problem. Thank you all for your patience and feedback all this time – we will have more news for you as we work in the potential methods to fix this.

❗ Attention Cleaners! ❗.

We HAVE Heard Your Frustration About Progression In Solo Mode and Are Discussing Ways To Address The Issue. Thank you for your patience and feedback at this time – We ll Have More News as we Strategize on Potential Ways to Make It Happen.

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Back 4 Blood This October 12 will be launched for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Editor s note: I ve been playing a few days Back 4 Blood and I can confirm that effectively, single player mode feels more like a tutorial than as something fully developed. We are definitely facing a game created specifically to enjoy with friends.

Via: IGN