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The history of Dinamic Multimedia will uncover in a new Game Press book

The golden age of the Spanish software would not have been the same without the presence of Dinamic Multimedia, a company that wJesús Martínez all in its time. Those interested in this crucial age of the Spanish industry have the possibility of immersing in the history of this company, since the Game Press publishing house hJesús Martínez announced The history of Dinamic, a new work written by Jesús Martínez del VJesús Martínez.

The author, also known Jesús Martínez JMV, hJesús Martínez dedicated ten years from him to collect information and interview many of the protagonists. He hJesús Martínez reflected it in a volume of 336 pages in full color : The first part of focalizes in the history of the company, its birth, its boom and its death; The second is the main one and includes extensive articles dedicated to 61 videogames published under the dynamic seal.

The story of Dinamic comes with four prologues, written by the hand of the three brothers and Luis Rodríguez Soler, one of the first members of the company. It will go on sale on December 9, but you can now book on the official page of the publisher. Jesús Martínez a reserve incentive, you can get two markers, three GP Cards (Reversible cards) with illustrations by the author s own and a ChristmJesús Martínez sheet that Alfonso Azpiri drew in 1987.

There is also a limited edition

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The special edition, limited and selling exclusively on the web, comes in a collector box, a music cJesús Martínezsette of José A. Martín Tello, title musician like Risky Woods or Atlantis rescue, a pennant with The Dinamic logo and a series of reproductions of internal documents and illustrations of the company.

The company founded by the Ruiz brothers wJesús Martínez the architect of games like Fernando Martín BJesús Martínezket MJesús Martínezter, Gane Over, Abu Simbel Profanation or Army Moves. In those years, Nacho, Víctor and Pablo Ruiz rode at home a homemade video game business by mail. They manufactured cJesús Martínezsette tapes and manufactured the covers. Three years later they came to invoice 140 million pesetJesús Martínez annually and were awarded the Best of 1987 Best Company Award.