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Sink Schalke s debt to less than 200 million euros

The Game Boy Micro or GBM (ゲーム ボーイミクロ, Gēmu Bōi Mikuro, registered trademark: Game Boy Micro) is a portable console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It is the third redesigned version of the Game Boy Advance, the last console of the Game Boy range, and is marketed with the powerful and pocket size argument, placing the focus on its finesse of design. According to the Nintendo of America Perrin Kaplan framework, its code name during development was Oxygen. The machine also has a model name Oxy-001 on the back. She came out at the end of 2005 in North America, Japan, China, Australia and Europe for a fixed price of 99 euros, or $ 99.

In the first half of 2021, FC Schalke has generated a shortfall of 21 million euros, in the same period of the previous year, there were still 9.7. But: For the entire fiscal year as of 31 December, the club forecasts significantly more positive numbers than you could assume. It is even conceivable that the total liabilities fall from around 217 to under 200 million euros.

The overall failed start-up changes in the cup of cup of 1860 Munich (0: 1) on Tuesday evening were another document that the squad of FC Schalke in its width is not well occupied. The royal blue want (and must) try to replicate in the next transfer phase personnel – the premium for reaching the 3rd round of just over half a million euros they would have been able to use it. Finally, the financial situation is still tense that reflects the numbers of the now published consolidated interim financial statements.

90'+3! Youngster Thielmann Scores for the Win | FC Schalke 04 - 1. FC Köln | 1-2 | All Goals | MD 17
The first half of 2021, as expected, has been massively influenced by the pandemic and the cadre expansion measures required due to the descent, says Financial Chef s Christina Rühl-Hamers. As a result, for example, a half-year loss of 21 million euros is, in the same period of the previous year 2021, it was 9.7 million.

But: the interim financial statements still draw a distorted picture. For example, profit from the sale of the ESPORT license of € 26.5 million is recognized only in the second half of the year. It is expected that the figures declined with the deadline of December 31, as in particular, with a view of the descent.

Game room was drastically lowered

Reasons are, among other things, achieved transfer revenues as well as massive cost-cutting measures, which, under the direction of Rühl-Hamers, has been imposed and consistently implemented in the past few months, under the direction of Rühl-Hamers, for a year S04 financial chef, – for example in the games of the game, which is no longer at around 80 million Euro is, but with just over 20.

Although the FC Schalke 04 for the financial year 2021 predicts lower sales than in the previous year (174.7 million euros), but only slight. Especially amazingly given by corona and descent: the net loss is probably only in the low double-digit million area. This is still a big minus – in the financial year 2020, however, this was still 52.6 million euros. It is also conceivable that the total liabilities fall from around 217 to less than 200 million.

The aim is to further stabilize the FC Schalke 04 in the coming months and to cope with the effects of pandemic and descent, says Rühl-Hamers. The comprehensive cadre conversion, increasing arena capacity to more than 56,000 spectators and the collection of seasonal amounts were and are important steps for the association.