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A little we all have to wait for us until the 5th of November Finally Call of Duty: Vanguard appears. Then there is a whopping 5 hours Livestream with all sorts of celebrities, including absolute top streamers, professional footballers, rapper, and of course Jules.

Before it s time, we have for Friday, the 29.10., First prepared another great stream as a taste. At 7 pm, on our Channel Monsters & Explosion, all information about the release of Vanguard is available. Jules and his guests Fantou, Gustaf fork and Stylerz give their impressions from the beta and then illuminate the different locations and characters. Because that is a great special feature of the new Call of Duty: We experience the campaign in the Second World War from four different perspectives, each one of them unique and portrayed by memorable characters.

How well does your Call of Duty know?

Of course, Vanguard can build on a long and successful COD tradition. But how much do our guests actually know about the beginnings of the series? And what do our community know? Together we find it out if we play the big call of duty quiz. Fantou, Gustaf and Stylerz have to work properly if they want to wear the victory – or even want to answer more questions properly than our famous spectators. The can even win a fantastic prize in the end. So absolutely turn on and stay it!

If you want to know everything about Call of Duty: Vanguard, then look at our large topic. You always find all new information, articles and videos. Dividends your opinion on the game under the Hashtag Vanguard or riseoneveryfront.

Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Alpha Livestream

In the next few weeks, many more streams follow with great gains for the community. Everything on Monsters & Explosions and always with exciting guests and a lot of gameplay directly to the release.